Cool shades and sharp lines to create an industrial space.




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Ibla by Piemme

Industrial by Florim

Journey by Landmark

Kerinox by Casalgrande

Kuni by Imola

Limestone by Tuscania

Logica by Quintessenza

Made.In by Landmark

Marmoker by Casalgrande

Masterpiece by Lea

Masterplan by Landmark

Mate by 41zero42

Materia by Piemme

Matiere by Settecento

Matter by Settecento

Mea Lapis by Coem

Metal40 by Tonalite

Metaline by Italgraniti

MoonStone/MoonVein by Coem

Cafe brick-look tile for restaurant.

New York Brick by Rondine

New York by Landmark

New Yorker by Settecento

Nordic Stone by Italgraniti

Open by Italgraniti

Otto by 41zero42

Overcome by Leonardo

Parade by Imola

Pietra Bauge by Casalgrande

Pietre 3 by Casa Dolce Casa

Pigmenti by Lea

Pigmento by Quintessenza

R-Evolution by Casalgrande

Regoli by Marca Corona

Resalvage by Artaic

Reverso2 by Coem

Rigo by 41zero42

Rooy by Fap

Schegge by Fioranese

Sciliar by Coem

Sequoie by Coem

Sfrido by Fioranese

Shades by Piemme

Silvergrain by Italgraniti

Sketches by Settecento

Soapstone by Coem

Specialty Brick by Jeffrey Court

Spectre by 41zero42

Steeltech by Casalgrande

Stick by Terratinta

Stontech 4.0 by Florim

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