Handmold Tile by Seneca

Whether it is the rugged beauty and individuality of the field tiles, the subtle charm of the embossed decoratives, or the intricate designs of the hand-mounted mosaics, you can be certain that no product available can match Seneca Handmold for its authentic nature, reasonable cost, and dependable availability. Handmold Tile is offered in a full line of colors, sizes, shapes and trim. Download the brochure for full details.

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Collection Overview

Handmold Tile is authentic hand-formed clay tile characterized by irregular edges, corners and surface variations. Rich tones and inviting textures enhance both traditional and contemporary interiors. If you love the quality of old historic tile, you’ll love Handmold. Using a special blend of local clays, wooden molds, and techniques developed hundreds of years ago, Seneca Tiles offers its Handmold series. While soft, moldable clay, individually batched glazes, and natural oxides are the ingredients of the tiles, the “magic” that is Seneca Handmold is in the human hand. Skilled craftsmen vigorously beat handfuls of plastic clay into shallow wooden molds. Excess clay is then scraped from the top of the mold. A wooden drying board is placed over the mold; together they are carefully inverted; the mold is lifted, and a tile falls free. “Handmade”. This is the essence of Seneca Handmold – the labor intensive, slow, skilled process of forming tiles one at a time that sets this product apart from other tiles. This age-old process is completed by drying the tile, applying one of many glazes and, finally, firing under carefully controlled conditions.

Current Lead Time

8 Months


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Shades of Grey – Limestone, Shades of Grey – Bluestone, Shades of Grey – Flagstone, Shades of Grey – Shadow, Shades of Grey – Concrete, Shades of Grey – Sterling, Shades of Grey – Castle Blend, Shades of Grey – Villa Blend, Seneca Select – Latte, Seneca Select – Vanilla, Seneca Select – Amethyst, Seneca Select – Sawgrass, Seneca Select – Bermuda, Seneca Select – Smoke, Seneca Select – Cappuccino, Seneca Select – Mocha, Seneca Select – Espresso, Renaissance – Dune, Renaissance – Bamboo, Renaissance – Adobe, Renaissance – Sierra, Renaissance – Sedona, Renaissance – Celadon, Renaissance – Evergreen, Renaissance – Eggshell, Renaissance – Sapphire, Reflections – Honey, Reflections – Sandalwood, Reflections – Driftwood, Reflections – Cedar, Reflections – Pewter, Reflections – Desert Rose, Reflections – Aquamarine, Reflections – Forest Green, Reflections – Deep Sea Blue, Old World – Arctic White, Old World – Almond, Old World – Terra Cotta, Old World – Moss Green, Old World – Peacock, Old World – Perriwinkle, Old World – Burgundy, Old World – Redwood, Old World – Raven, Seneca Blends – Caribbean, Seneca Blends – Desert, Seneca Blends – New England, Seneca Blends – Icelandic, Seneca Blends – Rainforest, Seneca Blends – Muir Woods, Seneca Blends – Glacier, Seneca Blends – Coconut, Seneca Blends – Key Largo, Seneca Cotto – Brick Unflashed, Seneca Cotto – Weathered Unflashed, Seneca Cotto – Brick Flashed, Seneca Cotto – Weathered Flashed, Cotto Metallic – Brushed Bronze, Cotto Metallic – Aged Bronze, Cotto Metallic – Brushed Silver, Cotto Metallic – Aged Silver


Field, Diamond, Valencia, Elongated Hex, Field Hex, Octagon, Cut Corner, Stacked Bond, Herringbone, Running Bond, Style L, Style M, Style N, Style P, Style Q, Style O



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