Many of our Brands actively practice recycling and green manufacturing procedures, making Porcelain Wood-Effect tile a more sustainable wood flooring alternative, as well as more durable and hypoallergenic. These wood-look tiles have so much depth of color and organic textures that it’s hard to tell them apart from the real thing!




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Ceramic flooring with accent lines for design

Afromosia by Coem

An office entrance with mismatched flooring for aesthetic

Allure by Italgraniti

Alnus by Italgraniti

Alnus by Italgraniti

Alter by Provenza

Alter by Provenza

Aspen by Landmark

BioAttitude by Lea

BioSelect by Lea

BioSelect by Lea

Elisir Royal by Marca Corona

Extragres 2.0 by Casalgrande

Extragres 2.0 by Casalgrande

Frake by Fioranese

Frontier20 by Landmark

Grained by Terratinta

Intarsio by Tuscania

Kuni by Imola floor retile design.

Kuni by Imola

Legnetti by Quintessenza

Les Bois by Kronos

Matiere by Settecento

Metalwood by Casalgrande

Newood by Casalgrande

Open by Italgraniti

Rigo by 41zero42

Savage Wood by Abitare

Spirit by Landmark

Tavolato by Casalgrande

True by Landmark

Vintage by Settecento

Wood Design by Settecento

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