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TXD Docs

Buy Local—Buy Smart FAQs, Why shop at TXD, return policy and tile variations. Viewfaq txd-docs
Installation FAQs, Valuable information on installation from grout joints to calculating quantityViewfaq txd-docs
Natural Stone FAQs, Shopping for natural stone tile products is a special experience, here are some need-to-knows to help you on your journey.Viewfaq txd-docs
Porcelain Tile Maintenance, General Maintenance information from post-install cleanup to sealants for Porcelain Tile products.Viewinformational txd-docs
Porcelain Tile Maintenance FAQs, Post-Installation maintenance for Porcelain Tile.Viewfaq txd-docs
Price Match Guarantee FAQs, Details, limitations and discount information for our PMGViewfaq txd-docs
Shopping & Design FAQs, What’s it like planning a project with our Design Consultants?Viewfaq txd-docs
Sustainability EPD Statement – Print, Print PDF for TXD Sustainability EPD StatementViewinformational txd-docs
Sustainability EPD Statement – Web PDF, Web PDF for TXD Sustainability EPD StatementViewinformational txd-docs
Terms and Conditions, TXD Terms and Conditions StatementViewinformational txd-docs
Tile FAQs, You have alot of questions about an upcoming tile project, and we’ve got the answers! Here are some frequently asked questions we get.Viewfaq txd-docs
TXD Warranty Statement, TXD Warranty StatementViewinformational txd-docs
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