Marmoker by Casalgrande

The most comprehensive, sustainable, and versatile stone-look porcelain tile collection on the market.

The Marmoker collection replicates marble’s veining, shine, and beautiful colour effects, making every tile truly unique. Marmoker includes a vast selection of colours and textures, ten sizes, and three finishes, giving a contemporary edge to classic marble surfaces. These tiles with first-class technical features are a natural choice if you want to add a luxurious and elegant touch to the floors of walls of any setting.




Arabesque, Bardiglio Bianco, Bardiglio Imperiale, Bianco Vietnam, Birimbau, Breccia Carsica, Brown Forest, Calacatta Extra, Canova, Caribbean Green, Carrara, Crema Select, Deep Dark, Extra Oro, Fior di Pesco, Grafite, Jolie, Nero Creta, Night Storm, Olimpo, Orange Black, Ossidiana, Oyster Grey, Pulpis Tortora, Rosato, Rosso Francia, Saint Laurent, Starry Night, Statuario Altissimo, Statuario Fine, Statuario Grigio, Statuario Oro, Titan White, Travertino Bianco, Travertino Miele, Travertino Romano, Travertino Titanium, Verde Aver, Zebrino


12×24 Field 10mm, 24×24 Field 10mm, 24×47 Field 10mm, 18×36 Field 10mm, 36×36 Field 10mm, 36×71 Field 10mm, 24×47 Kontinua 6.5mm, 47×47 Kontinua 10mm, 47×47 Kontinua 6.5mm, 47×94 Kontinua 6.5mm, 47×109 Kontinua 6.5mm, 63×126 Kontinua 12mm, 47×94 Kontinua Bookmatch 6.5mm, 47×109 Kontinua Bookmatch 6.5mm, 63×126 Kontinua 6.5mm, 63×126 Kontinua Bookmatch 12mm, 47×94 Kontinua Endmatch 6.5mm, 47×109 Kontinua Endmatch 6.5mm, 12×20 Esagono Field 10mm, Esagoni Mosaic 10mm, Esagoni 3D Mosaic 10mm, Mosaico 10mm, Mosaico Kontinua 6.5mm, Mosaico 2×4 10mm, Mosaico 2×4 Kontinua 6.5mm, Mosaico Decoro 10mm


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