Side Stone by Lea

New sides to an iconic mineral texture. Aggregate look stone tile with elegant geometric decors.

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Collection Overview

Side Stone offers an unprecedented point of view on Ceppo di Gré, an Italian stone extracted on Lake Iseo that has defined the architectural identity of twentieth-century Milan. In fact, two interpretations of this iconic mineral texture coexist in the collection. Alongside the Cluster version, more expressive and gritty, the Hidden version brings to light an unexplored side of Ceppo di Gré, refined and versatile.
The aesthetics of Ceppo di Gré thus open up to new application opportunities within residential, commercial and public designs. In addition, in the combined installation, the two souls of Side Stone are destined to enhance each other, both graphically and chromatically.

Side Stone is a ceramic collection with a strong design attitude: divided into 3 complementary technologies, it offers 3 shades for each of the two graphic interpretations, sizes ranging from 30×60 to 120×278 cm and a rich set of decorations


Superior quality slim ceramic slabs that are carbon neutral. Large format laminated porcelain stoneware: light, versatile and resistant. Suitable to new design perspectives in the world of architecture and living, paying attention to environmental impact.
Porcelain stoneware
Full-body porcelain stoneware, a synonym for technical resistance and aesthetic excellence. The wide range of sizes is enriched with sophisticated surface finishes that make Lea Ceramiche products ideal for all residential and architectural projects.
20mm porcelain L2
20mm thick porcelain stoneware for outdoors. Resistant to freezing and changes in temperature, it has notable non-slip properties, maintains the material and the colours intact over time, and is easy to clean.
Safe Touch
Because Safetouch has unprecedented, high performance features. The special material used to make it consists of vitreous microgranules. Thanks to the very small particle size, the resulting surface lacks the distinct roughness characteristic of traditional non-slip surfaces R10, which exacerbates their roughness, reducing their tactile softness and complicating cleaning and maintenance. However, at micro level that is not perceptible to the touch, the surface retains irregularities that efectively protect users from slipping. Safetouch technology is incorporated into the production process used to create the ceramic material and remains efective throughout the product’s life. Moreover, its special properties do not in any way diminish the aesthetic performance of the product, which maintains the highest aesthetic standards and attention to detail.

Hidden Light, Hidden Mid, Hidden Dark, Cluster Light, Cluster Mid, Cluster Dark, Decor


48×48 Naturale, 24×28 20mm Outdoor, 24×48 Naturale, 24×48 Grip, 24×24 Naturale, 24×24 Grip, 12×24 Naturale, 48×109 Slimtech 6mm, Gramma 72, Mosaico 36, Mosaico Micro, Mosaico Macro, Mosaico Mega


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