Founded in 2007 with the mission to make the beauty and artistry of the mosaic medium more accessible, Artaic is an American mosaics company located in Boston Massachusetts. By creating sophisticated design software and innovative robotic mosaic assembly systems, Artaic brings the ancient art of mosaic into the modern age.

Artaic designs and fabricates custom, award-winning tile-work. Using porcelain, glass, and natural stones, they modernize the creation of architecturally compelling mosaics through fast design iterations, free sampling, and American robotic production.

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Arabesque by Artaic

Flourish by Artaic

Foundation by Artaic

Lasting Rugs by Artaic

Naturally Refined by Artaic

Resalvage by Artaic

Splash by Artaic

Verge by Artaic

Floral orange and blue glass mosaic tile design

Vitreous Glass by Artaic

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