Technic by Casalgrande

The ultimate industrial flooring collection with 14mm thickness options and surface effects from naturale to raised relief patterns.

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Collection Overview

The porcelain stoneware tiles from the Technic collection are the ideal choice for floors and walls in high-traffic public and commercial spaces and industrial spaces subject to stringent hygiene rules, such as in the pharmaceutical and food sectors. Technic tiles are super hard-wearing. They don’t fear acids (except for hydrofluoric acid), bases, corrosive agents, solvents, oils, cement, and chemicals in general. The different thicknesses available (11.2 mm, 12 mm, and 14 mm), allow Technic porcelain stoneware tiles to withstand intense static and dynamic loads, heavy footfall, vibrations and impacts, humidity, frost, fire, abnormal temperature fluctuations, without alterations of any sort. Their structured anti-slip surface makes any floor safer, eliminating the risk of slipping.

Applications by surface:

  • Carbo R12: Places where fish and meat are received and sold, industrial kitchens and similar, outdoors slopes, squares.
  • Technic R10: Indoor use (offices, homes, entrance foyers) with the exclusion of damp places.
  • Roccia R11 (A+B): Balconies, porticos, pavements, pool decks, floor surfaces affected by liquids in general.
  • Profil R12 – V8 (A+B+C): Large-scale and industrial kitchens in general, floors where food products are prepared.
  • Pavé R11 – V4 (A+B+C): Porticos, pavements, swimming pool decks, floor surfaces affected by liquids in general.
  • Safe R13 (A+B+C): Cutting, delicatessen, bread and pastry making, butcher’s and fishmonger’s departments and kitchens.
  • Reticolo R12 – V4 (A+B+C): Large-scale and industrial kitchens in general, floors where food products are prepared.
  • Bugnato R11 – V6 (A+B+C): Swimming pool surrounds, places where food products are processed and similar.
  • Secura R11 (A+B): Industrial environments in general and pool decks.

Part of the Granitogres Range.


Arkansas, Bianco Avorio, Bianco B, Grigio Cenere, Nebraska, Ontario


Carbo R12, Technic R10, Profil R12 – V8 (A+B+C), Pavé R11 – V4 (A+B+C), Safe R13 (A+B+C), Reticolo R12 – V4 (A+B+C), Bugnato R11 – V6 (A+B+C), Secura R11 (A+B), Roccia R11 (A+B)


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