Minnetonka Beach Home

Location: Minnetonka, MN

Luxury Home

In this exceptional residence, envisioned by architect Charles Stinson, a symphony of design elements converge to create a captivating living space. The seamless interplay of horizontal and vertical planes bathes the interiors in natural light while offering sweeping, uninterrupted views of the picturesque Lake Minnetonka. Interior designer Kim Streeter, working under the Stinson design ethos, selected porcelain tiles that beautifully enhance and seamlessly blur the boundaries between the interior and exterior entertaining spaces.

A pedestal system was employed for the terrace pavers to ensure precision and aesthetic balance, maintaining a perfect level for enhanced comfort and visual appeal. Beneath these porcelain patio pavers is a rainwater deposit system, ingeniously incorporated into a subterranean management system that effectively minimizes runoff — both practicing and promoting environmental responsibility within the design of exterior spaces.

Streeter’s commitment to creating a luxurious and functional space extends to the bathrooms, where she opted for TXD stone imports and exquisite mosaics. The collaborative effort to bring the vision of this home to life involved Jyland Construction Management as the builder and River City Tile & Stone as the contractor. Together, they transformed Stinson’s architectural blueprint into a tangible experience, where every detail contributes to the narrative of craftsmanship and sustainability.

Products | TXD Porcelain and Natural Stone Imports

Project Details


  • Charles R. Stinson Architecture + Design


  •  Jyland Construction Management


  • River City Tile & Stone


  • Kim Streeter of Stinson Architecture + Design


  • Corey Gaffer Photography

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