Everybody’s favorite aggregate stone-concrete material has evolved into a robust material aesthetic with a wide range of styles! Our porcelain Terrazzo-Look Tiles include the real thing, as well as colorful fragment-style porcelain inspired by the classic material.




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Attitude by Leonardo

CH10 Eternal by Jeffrey Court

CH5 Modern Mixer by Jeffrey Court

Charm Experience by Italgraniti

Concrete by Fioranese

Confetti by Quintessenza

Elite by Landmark

Endless by Leonardo

Endless by Leonardo

Extragres 2.0 by Casalgrande

Extragres 2.0 by Casalgrande

Frammenta by Fioranese

Ghiaia by Fioranese

Ghiaia Slabs by Fioranese

La Terrazza by Sonoma Tilemakers

Macro by Casalgrande

Marmorea Intensa by Fioranese

Masterpiece by Lea

Overcome by Leonardo

Parade by Imola

Schegge by Fioranese

Shades by Piemme

Side Stone by Lea

Silvergrain by Italgraniti

Terrazzo by Casalgrande

Terrazzo by Coem

Venetian Marble by Piemme

Venice by Nova Bell

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