Delicate details and dimensional designs – Luxury tile at TXD is perfect for elevating any home renovation or commercial project. Our Brands design with aesthetics in mind so their solutions become the crowning jewel in any room’s design scheme. Dress your walls to impress!

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Ashbury by Sonoma Market Collection

Baba Chic by Country Floors

Biscuit by 41zero42

CH10 Eternal by Jeffrey Court

CH15 Classic Statuario by Jeffrey Court

CH16 Park Place by Jeffrey Court

CH18 Rotunda by Jeffrey Court

CH4 Via by Jeffrey Court

CH5 Modern Mixer by Jeffrey Court

CH7 Cubist by Jeffrey Court

Concreto by Lea

Cromia26 by Quintessenza

Custom Mosaics by Encore

Ego by Provenza

Ego by Provenza

Encode by Marca Corona

Encode by Marca Corona

Essentials by Jeffrey Court

Frammenta by Fioranese

Ghiaia by Fioranese

Ghiaia Slabs by Fioranese

Granum by Fioranese

Les Bois by Kronos

Loop by 41zero42

Lumina by Fap

Lumina Stone by Fap

Macro by Casalgrande

Made to Order by Wizard

Marea by Quintessenza

Marmoker by Casalgrande

Marmorea by Fioranese

Marmorea2 by Fioranese

Marmosmart by Casalgrande

Minima 8.6 by Quintessenza

One by 41zero42

Overclay by Marca Corona

Passepartout by Fioranese

Pietre di Paragone by Casalgrande

Pool by Jeffrey Court

R-Evolution by Casalgrande

Rooy by Fap

Scenari by Sartoria

Schegge by Fioranese

Signs by 41zero42

Silvergrain by Italgraniti

Sister Parish by Country Floors

Sound of Marbles by Fioranese

Spec09 by Jeffrey Court

Spectre by 41zero42

Split & Fornace by Sartoria

Studio Mosaic by Marble Systems

Talya by Marble Systems

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