CH5 Modern Mixer by Jeffrey Court

Modern Mixer™ is centered around Terrazzo. It is our take on the timeless yet stylish mid-century modern aesthetic that defies simplicity, functionality, and boldness.

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Collection Overview

Chapter 5: Modern Mixer™ is centered around terrazzo, a unique composite made of pieces of granite, marble, and quartz. The inspiration behind this collection comes from the timeless yet stylish midcentury modern aesthetic that’s defined by simplicity, functionality, and boldness. Whether it be furniture or the overall interior design of a space, clean lines and function take precedence over embellishments and intricate designs. These aspects of the midcentury modern design style are present in the field tiles, mosaics, and trim pieces in this collection. To keep this collection’s concept simple, every piece with the exception of the transitional metal liners and Dolomite is made of terrazzo and is available in four shades, Spirits, Bourbon, Gibson, and Vermouth. Along with creating a stunning space, terrazzo allows for easy maintenance which makes it an ideal choice to bring the outdoor and indoor space together through the use of design. Chapter 5: Modern Mixer will ensure your space has the perfect functionality and style to endure the test of time. With Modern Mixer, your space will be perfect for entertaining, whether you’re hosting a stunning soiree or a casual Palm Springs inspired cocktail party with friends.


Spirits, Bourbon, Gibson, Vermouth


3×12 Field, 8×16 Field, 16×16 20mm Field, 3" Hex Mosaic, Chevron Mosaic, Cloven Mosaic, Sunder Mosaic


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