Baba Chic by Country Floors

Remarkable for their intricate beauty rendered in geometric and floral designs, the collection offers limestones and marbles indigenous to Tunisia.

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Collection Overview

The Baba Chic Mosaics Collection showcases the cultural heritage and skilled craftsmanship of Tunisian artisans. These intricately designed mosaic patterns use a combination of limestones and even terracotta in bold color combinations, shape, and sizes. Each piece is cut and mounted on a mesh backing, insuring an easy installation. Situated in the cradle of the Pan-Mediterranean world that spawned Western Civilization, the history of Tunisia is one of change. In fact, the rulers and occupiers of this land reads like a Rolodex of history. Berbers, Phoenicians, Romans, Vandals, Arabs, Bedouins, Ottomans and French all strutted and fretted their “hour upon the stage” that was Tunisia. These mosaic tiles will make a dramatic statement for any wall or floor application. Use for a kitchen backsplash, a study or wine room, accent wall, fireplace surround, powder room floor, or entry foyer.


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Arabesque, Anoushka, Bahar, Bizerte, Dougga, Esma, Farah, Laila, Maha, Mahdia, Nafta, Sabrina, San Tropez Medley, Shiri, Sousse, St Tropez Diamonds, Tasnim, Touzeur, Nabeul Noir, Nabeul Blanc, Scallop Melange, Oudna, Sacchi Gialo/Verde, Sacchi Red/Black, Scallop Foussana, Visconte, Visconte Noce, Visconte Mogano, Visconte Pleat Border Foussana, Visconte Pleat Border Red, Pompeii Pleat Border








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