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Collection Overview

From true luxury arabesques and classic plaques, to contemporary stacks and throwback color palettes, Encore Ceramics has it all. In their Custom Mosaics collection, each piece is made for you from scratch. Encore tiles are truly individual pieces of art. This eco-concious American tilery uses unique applications and techniques that showcase the natural character of Sustainable clay and glazes – all created by hand for you! Encore tile is vitreous and suitable for most installations. Their Glazes can be used in the following applications: submerged fountain/pool*, freeze/thaw, exterior wall, light traffic interior floor, stream/spa*, and more! View the Glazes by Encore collection to pair your mosaic with the perfect finish. *excludes Alloy glazes

Glaze Code

G – Glossy, M – Matte, C – Crackle, S – Sheer, J – Jewel, JM – Jewel Multi, Q – Quartz, A – Alloy, ANB – Alloy (Except Bronze), P – Precocious, H – Heritage, HNM – Heritage (No Mirage), ST – Stone


NEW: Carmel, NEW: Cordoba, NEW: Fez, NEW: Ovals, NEW: Tangier, Atherton, Arabesque, Arcadia, Bahia, Baymont, Belvedere, Cadiz, Campbell, Cardiff, Carver, Cascade, Chateau, Chevron – Dimensional, Chevron – 2×6 Staggered, Chevron – 2×6 Vertical, Chevron – 3", Chevron – Skinny Mixed, Chevron – Mixed 2 Rows, Circles – Medium, Circles – Mini, Circles – Mixed, Coast Mosaic, Cross and Dot, Diamond, Diamond Mini, Dots, Durban, Exeter, Feather, Flame, Flight, Granada, Harding, Harper, Hexagon 1", Hexagon 2", Hexagon 3.5", Hexagon 3.5" – Cookie Dip, Hexagon 3.5" – Frame Dip, Hexagon 3.5" – Kiss Dip, Hexagon Skinny, Juno, Knitted Tide, Labyrinth, Malaga, Mariposa, Matador, Miramar, Monarch, Nova, Picket Small, Plumage, Pointed Oval, Quest, Riad, Seville, Silvan, Solana, Sublime, Tide, Triangle 2", Tripoli, Versailles, Wave, York, Zig Zag, 1×1 Field, 2×2 Field, 2×4 Brick, Mini Basketweave, Mini Brick, Mini Herringbone, Broken Joint, .5×3 Herringbone, 1×3 Basketweave, 1×3 Brick, 1×3 Herringbone, .5×6 Herringbone, .5×6 Broken Joint, Mixed Herringbone, 1×6 Broken Joint, 1×6 Stacked, 2×4 Herringbone

Available Glazes

G-M-C-S-P-H-J-Q-A, G-M-C-S-P-H-A, G-M-C-S-P-H-A, G-M-C-S-P-H-A, G-M-C-S-P-H-A, G-M-C-S-HNM-P(2×2 Only), Flat: G-M-C-S-P-J-Q-ANB-ST. Dimensional: G-M-C-S, G-M-C-S-P-J-Q-ANB, G-M-C-S-P-J-Q-A-ST, G-M-C-S-P-J-Q-ANB-ST, Flat: G-M-C-S-P-J-Q. Dimensional (Ribbons Only): G-M-C-S-ST., G-M-C-S-J-JM-Q, Flat: G-M-C-S-P-J-Q. Dimensional (1×1 Only): G-M-C-S., Dot: G-M-C-S-P-J-Q-A. Hex (Dimensional Only): G-M-C-S., Bevels: G-M-C-S. Triangles: G-M-C-S-H., G-M-C-S-J-Q-ANB, Rectangles: G-M-C-S-P-J-Q-ST. Bevels: G-M-C-S, G-M, G-M-C-S-P-J-Q-ANB, G-M-C-S-P-J-Q-ANB, G-M-C-S-P-ANB, G-M-C-S-P-J-Q, G-M-C-S-P-J-Q, G-M-C-S-P-J-Q-ST, G-M-C-S-P-J-Q-ST, G-M-C-S-P-J-Q-ST, G-M-C-S-P-J-Q-ST, Cross: G-M-C-S-P-ANB. Dots: G-M-C-S-P-J-Q-A-ST., G-M-C-S-P-J-Q-ANB-ST, G-M-C-S-P-J-Q, G-M-C-S-P-J-Q-A-ST, G-M-C-S-P-J-Q-ANB-ST, G-M-C-S, G-M-C-S-J-Q-ST, G-M-C-S-J-Q, G-M-C-S-P, G-M-C-S-J-JM-Q, G-M-C-S-P-J-Q-ANB, G-M-C-S, G-M-C-S-P-J-Q-ANB-ST, G-M-C-S-P-J-Q-ANB-ST, G-M-C-S-P-J-Q-A-ST, Dipped Glazes Only, Dipped Glazes Only, Dipped Glazes Only, Flat: G-M-C-S-P-J-Q. Dimensional: G-M-C-S., G-M-C-S-J-Q-ST, G-M-C-S-J-Q-ST, G-M-C-S-P-J-Q, G-M-C-S-J-JM-Q, G-M-C-S-P-J-Q, G-M-C-S-P-J-Q-ANB, Flat: G-M-C-S-P-J-Q. Dimensional: G-M-C-S., G-M-C-S, G-M-C-S-P-A, G-M-C-S-P-J-Q-ST, All Flat: G-M-C-S-J-Q-ST-P(Drop Only). Dimensional (Drop Only): G-M-C-S., Flat: G-M-C-S-P-J-Q-ST. Dimensional: G-C-S., G-M-C-P-S, G-M-C-S-P-J-Q-ANB-ST, G-M-C-S-J-JM-Q, G-M-C-S-P-J-Q, Wings: G-M-C-S-P-J-Q. Diamond: J-Q-ST., G-M-C-S, G-M-C-J-Q-ST, G-M-C-S-P-J-Q-A-ST, G-M-C-S-P-J-Q, Flat: G-M-C-S-P-J-Q-ST. Dimensional: G-M-C-S., Flat: G-M-C-S-P-J-Q-ANB-ST. Dimensional: G-M-C-S., G-M-C-S-P-ANB, G-M-C-S-P-J-Q-A-ST, Flat: G-M-C-S-P-J-Q-ST. Dimensional: G-M-C-S., Flat: G-M-C-S-P-J-Q-ANB. Dimensional: G-M-C-S., G-M-C-S-P-J-Q-ANB, Flat: G-M-S-P-J-Q. Dimensional: G-M-C-S., Flat: G-M-C-S-P-J-Q-ST. Dimensional: G-M-C-S., Flat: G-M-C-S-P-J-Q-ST. Dimensional: G-M-C-S., G-M-C-S-P-J-Q-ANB, G-M-C-S-P-J-Q-ANB, Flat: G-M-C-S-P-J-Q-ST. Dimensional: G-M-C-S., Flat: G-M-C-S-P-J-Q-ST. Dimensional: G-M-C-S., Flat: G-M-C-S-P-J-Q. Dimensional: G-M-C-S., Flat: G-M-C-S-P-J-Q-ST. Dimensional: G-M-C-S., Flat: G-M-C-S-P-J-Q-ST. Dimensional: G-M-C-S., .5×6 Only: G-M-C-S-P-J-Q-ST. 2×6 Only: G-M-C-S-P-J-Q-A., Flat: G-M-C-S-P-J-Q-A-ST. Dimensional: G-M-C-S., Flat: G-M-C-S-P-J-Q-A-ST. Dimensional: G-M-C-S., G-M-C-S-P-J-Q-ANB


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