Glazed Porcelain by Artaic

The complete glazed porcelain color offerings by Artaic.

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Collection Overview

Artaic offers a broad palette of highest quality glazed porcelain, in 73+ colors, three finishes, and seven sizes. The glazed porcelain mosaic material is a versatile tile type, at a great value, that can create beautiful durable mosaic murals for many different surfaces indoors and outdoors, wet and dry.


Eggshell White GP-101, Cream Light Grey GP-102, Misty Grey GP-103, Steel Grey GP-104, Storm Cloud Grey GP-105, Slate Grey GP-106, Storm Grey GP-107, Ebony Black GP-120, Baby Blue GP-123, Sky Blue GP-124, Robin's Egg Blue GP-125, Blue GP-126, Navy Blue GP-127, Midnight Blue GP-128, Denim Purple GP-129, Blueberry Purple GP-132, Periwinkle Purple GP-135, Violet Purple GP-136, Indigo Dark Blue GP-137, Blue GP-138, Blue GP-139, Blue GP-140, Frosting Purple GP-151, Lavender Purple GP-152, Eggplant Purple GP-153, Pastel Purple GP-157, Dusty Rose Pink GP-158, Mauve Pink GP-159, Mint Turquoise GP-161, Coastal Turquoise GP-163, Ballet Slipper Pink GP-181, Rose Pink GP-182, Sunset Pink GP-183, Magenta Pink GP-184, Fleshy Orange GP-187, Chai Orange GP-188, Salmon Orange GP-189, Paprika Orange GP-190, Pistacio Green GP-202, Kelley Green GP-203, Spring Grass Green GP-204, Neon Green GP-206, Sage Green GP-207, Thyme Green GP-208, Marsh Dark Green GP-209, Lichen Green GP-212, Mossy Green GP-213, Cilantro Green GP-214, Hunter Dark Green GP-216, Cacao Neutral GP-221, Chocolate Neutral GP-222, Hot Chocolate Tan GP-223, Milk Chocolate Brown GP-224, Dark Chocolate Brown GP-225, A1-GP-226, Caramel Brown GP-228, Coffee Brown GP-229, Cinnamon Brown GP-231, Cardamom Brown GP-233, Daffodil Yellow GP-252, Mustard Yellow GP-253, Ochre Yellow GP-254, Light Peach Orange GP-261, Persimmon Orange GP-262, Tangerine Orange GP-263, Watermelon Red GP-271, Raspberry Red GP-272, Strawberry Red GP-273









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