The original subway! Zellige is a labor-intensive handmade tile with distinct textures and imperfections, making each piece a truly unique item. Our Zellige-Look tiles resemble this tile but come at much lower price tags than the real thing.




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Antique Tile by Country Floors

Casablanca 2.0 by Nemo

Casablanca by Nemo

CH10 Eternal by Jeffrey Court

Fes by Colli

Gouache by Portobello

Handmold Tile by Seneca

Home by Self Style

Miraflores by New Ravenna

Mirazur by Sonoma Tilemakers

Moresque by Country Floors

Semplice by New Ravenna

Shades by Piemme

Split & Fornace by Sartoria

Standard Field by Encore Ceramics

TBox by Sartoria

TBrick by Sartoria

Terracreta by Marca Corona

Tisse by New Ravenna

Trove by New Ravenna

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