Terracreta by Marca Corona

4 natural clay colorways accompanied by 5 decors including expressive floral shapes and architectural motifs.

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Collection Overview

Terracreta is a touch exploration of clay, an essential element with a highly contemporary appeal, easy to shape and enrich. The combined use of ancient craftsmanship techniques such as engraving, decoration, and inclusion results in a unique, striking surface. This way, the primitive material evolves, lending itself to the creation of warm, cozy environments where you can always feel at home.

Thanks to a thorough study of the material, and advanced technological innovation processes, the features, and imperfections of a raw material such as natural clay could be reproduced on an industrial scale. The hand-made special raised and irregular edges and decorations are skilfully rendered on the surface of the collection, for a totally realistic handcrafted final result.




Marna – Base Hex, Marna – Base Square, Marna – Dipinto, Argilla – Base Hex, Argilla – Base Square, Argilla – Forma, Argilla – Forma Vitrea, Argilla – Intarso, Argilla – Cesello, Argilla – Rilievo, Chamotte – Base Hex, Chamotte – Forma, Chamotte – Base Square, Chamotte – Dipinto, Chamotte – Intarso, Chamotte – Cesello, Chamotte – Forma Vitrea, Chamotte – Rilievo, Oltremare – Base Hex, Oltremare – Base Square, Lacca – Rilievo Lacca




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