Moresque by Country Floors

Elegance and multidimensional charm, available in a whopping 52 colors and 12 handmade formats.

Moresque Glazed Tile is luxury hand-made ceramic tile and decorative collection. There are endless combinations of unique tile shapes and pieces from field tile to Arabesque. An exquisite assemblage of stylized interlocking Arabesque patterns and intricate mosaics of enduring beauty and ancient American craftsmanship. Suitable for interior wall and light traffic floor applications, as well as commercial interior wall applications. Moresque’s majestic decorative tiles come along with various shapes and sizes of field tile, trim and architectural moldings. Moresque’s alluring spectrum is composed of beautiful timeless colors including four in stock. The moderate variation… The subtle variation within each of these artfully hand glazed ceramic tiles are a true testament that our Moresque Tile has taken on a life of its own!


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Agate, Air, Amethyst, Ambrosia, Aquamarine, Arena, Ash, Avocado, Bella, Breathe, Burgundy, Camel, Camino, Carmello, Cascade, Celadon, Ceniza, Citrine, Crema, Eunice, Fresco, Gypsum, Ice, Indigo, Ivory, Loden, New White, Nocturnal, Peach, Peat, Perla, Plume, Quartz, Red Jasper, Rollow, Shitake, Snow, Soda, Softness, Storm, Terracotta, Tinta, Topaz, Tourmaline, Truffle, Viridian, White, Willow, Vintage


2×6 Field, 3×6 Field, 6×6 Field, San Felipe, San Inez, Marbella, Musa, Mina Blend, Falbala, Arabesquette, Flora Mosaic, Alba Mosaic





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