Marmorea Intensa by Fioranese

This complete solution collection offers contemporary and dynamic marble-looks, complimented by graphic decors and beveled subways.

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Collection Overview

Nature withholds the intensity of textures to explore with new eyes: the purity of white, the profound glow of green and blue, and the intense depth of red.
Fluid movements mix culture and classic beauty, technology, and innovation, with polished and matt decorative touches for a multi-faceted interpretation of the matter on a truly intense marble-effect porcelain stoneware


29×58 Glossy, 29×58 Matte, 29×29 Glossy, 29×29 Matte, 24×24 Glossy, 24×24 Matte, 12×24 Glossy, 12×24 Matte, 12×12 Glossy, 12×12 Matte, 3×12 Glossy, 3×12 Matte, 6×6 Glossy, 6×6 Matte, Deco 29×58, Mosaico 2×2 Glossy, Mosaico 2×2 Matte, Mosaico Exa, Mosaico Weave, Mosaico 2×3 Glossy, Tinte 3×12, Deco 8×8


Bianco Luce, Venato Caramel, Rosso Levanto, Azul Bahia, Emerald Dream, Vetro Rosso, Vetro Azul, Vetro Emerald, Greige Tale, Vague Grey, Dusty Mauve, Blueberry, Sage Garden, Artic White, Greige Tale Deco, Vague Grey Deco, Dusty Mauve Deco, Blueberry Deco, Sage Garden Deco, Mix


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