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A top down view of pale white stone tiles flooring a kitchen

65Parallelo by Leonardo

Abacus by Settecento

Aspen by Landmark

B&W by Florim

Biscuit by 41zero42

Blox by Imola

Boston by Fap

CementineB&W by Fioranese

Ceramic hexagon tile for backsplash.

CH2 Vintage Studio by Jeffrey Court

Chelsea by Settecento

Crayons by Settecento

Cromia26 by Quintessenza

Dresscode by Settecento

Dresscode by Settecento

Fragments by Piemme

Frontier20 by Landmark

Fusion by Portobello

Gouache by Portobello

Hamptons by Settecento

Hexa by Terratinta

Hub by Mirage

Industrial by Florim

Journey by Landmark

Jura Limestone

White hexagonal kitchen tile backsplash

Karma by Settecento

Limestone by Tuscania

Lumina by Fap

Lux Experience by Italgraniti

Made.In by Landmark

Marble Experience by Italgraniti

Marmoker by Casalgrande

Masterplan by Landmark

Matiere by Settecento

Metaline by Italgraniti

Metalwood by Casalgrande

Millerighe by Dom

Cafe brick-look tile for restaurant.

New York Brick by Rondine

New York by Landmark

New Yorker by Settecento

Nordic Stone by Italgraniti

Open by Italgraniti

Paintboard by Tonalite

Purestone by Piemme

Reverso by Coem

Reverso2 by Coem

Sandwaves by Portobello

Savage Wood by Abitare

Shades by Piemme

Contrasting black, gray, and white tiles make a bright room POP

Shale by Italgraniti

Sketches by Settecento

Soapstone by Coem

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