Vitreous Glass by Artaic

The complete vitreous glass color offerings by Artaic.

Artaic’s Vitreous Glass offering is our most popular and versatile tile material. With an unparalleled color palette of over 180 colors, and several finish options, it lends itself to vibrant and dynamic surfaces of mosaic imagery. Artaic offers five size options – the classic 3/8″ size offers higher resolution for smaller projects and 3/4″ provides a lower price-point for larger projects. Our newest sizes – 1/2″, 1″ and 1/2″x1″ are inherently modular and can be used in grid style, classic and modular alignments.


Lead Dark Grey VG-601, Iron Grey VG-602, Granite Grey VG-603, Silver Grey VG-604, Fog Grey VG-605, Moonlight Light Grey VG-606, Frost White VG-607, Chantilly White VG-608, Midnight Black VG-609, Cactus Dark Green VG-630, Clover Green VG-632, Chartreuse Green VG-633, Bamboo Green VG-634, Pistachio Green VG-635, Pea Green VG-636, Meadow Green VG-639, Mint Green VG-640, Danube Dark Turquoise VG-660, Ocean Turquoise VG-661, Spring Turquoise VG-662, Galapagos Turquoise VG-663, Seine Turquoise VG-664, Key Largo Turquoise VG-665, Belize Turquoise VG-666, Seafoam Turquoise VG-667, Peacock Dark Blue VG-690, Admiral Dark Blue VG-691, Tahoe Blue VG-692, Dahlia Blue VG-693, Celestial Blue VG-694, Rapids Light Blue VG-695, Capri Blue VG-696, Riviera Blue VG-697, Bondi Blue VG-698, Cerulean Light Blue VG-699, Glacier Light Blue VG-700, Iceberg Light Blue VG-701, Cobalt Dark Blue VG-702, Blueberry Dark Blue VG-704, Blackberry Purple VG-720, Amethyst Purple VG-721, Iris Purple VG-722, Mulberry Purple VG-723, Violet Purple VG-724, Mauve Purple VG-725, Lilac Pink VG-726, Quartz Neutral VG-727, Eggplant Purple VG-729, Lavender Purple VG-730, Brick Red VG-750, Vermillion Red VG-751, Flame Orange VG-752, Tangerine Orange VG-753, Marigold Yellow VG-754, Daffodil Yellow VG-755, Shell Neutral VG-757, Coral Orange VG-758, Jodhpur Orange VG-759, Sunrise Neutral VG-760, Olive Dark Brown VG-780, Wheat Brown VG-781, Flax Brown VG-782, Deep Yellow Yellow VG-783, Boardwalk Neutral VG-784, Bone Neutral VG-785, Carbon Black VG-786, VG-803, VG-824, VG-825, VG-826, VG-827, VG-828, VG-830, VG-831, VG-832, VG-833, VG-834, VG-835, VG-836, VG-837, VG-839, VG-840, VG-841, VG-845, VG-846, VG-847, VG-848, VG-856, VG-857, Swarovski Silver VG-C001, 14K Gold Leaf Gold VG-G600, 14K Gold Leaf Gold VG-G601, Chiffon Brown VG-M600, Petal Dark Green VG-M601, Snow Green VG-M602, Steel GreyVG-M603, Bronze Green VG-M630, Cactus Green VG-M631, Rainforest Green VG-M634, Seafoam Green VG-M637, Jade Green VG-M638, Waterflow Blue VG-M665, Island Light Blue VG-M666, Glacier Light Blue VG-M667, Lagoon Light Blue VG-M668, Onyx Dark Blue VG-M690, Sapphire Dark Blue VG-M691, Navy Blue VG-M692, Sea Blue VG-M693, Nautilus Blue VG-M695, Cove Blue VG-M697, Blueberry Blue VG-M698, Periwinkle Blue VG-M700, Ocean Surf Blue VG-M701, Merlot Purple VG-M720, Burgundy Purple VG-M721, Raspberry Purple VG-M722, Orchid Purple VG-M726, Watermelon Pink VG-M750, Peony Pink VG-M755, Rose Pink VG-M756, Rose Gold Brown VG-M757, Fire brick Red VG-M759, Honey Yellow VG-M781, Hay Bale Yellow VG-M782, VG-M804, VG-M811, VG-M812, VG-M813, VG-M820, VG-M821, VG-M822, VG-M824, VG-M826, VG-M827, VG-M828, VG-M831, VG-M832, VG-M833, VG-M834, VG-M838, VG-M839, VG-M841, VG-M843, VG-M844, VG-M846, VG-M849, VG-M853, VG-M854, VG-M857, VG-M858, VG-M860, VG-M862, VG-M869, Grape Purple VG-O600, Slate Grey VG-O601, Pearl White VG-O602, Glister White VG-O604, Emerald Green VG-O630, Key Largo Green VG-O633, Spring Green VG-O634, Peacock Dark Blue VG-O690, Admiral Dark Blue VG-O691, Bondi Blue VG-O692, Glacier Blue VG-O693, Violet Purple VG-O720, Lilac Pink VG-O721, Chiffon White VG-O722, Quartz White VG-O723, Sunny Yellow VG-O752, Boardwalk Neutral VG-O780, Flax Neutral VG-O781, VG-O821, VG-O822, VG-O823, VG-O824, VG-O827, VG-O829, VG-O831, VG-O841, VG-O842, White Gold Leaf Silver VG-S600, White Gold Leaf Silver VG-S601








Some products vary from the listed availability lead times. Always confirm current lead times with your TXD Representative.

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