Scenari by Sartoria

Vibrant wall panels with decorative, handmade Botanical and geometric Surface Patterns that create seamless Surface Designs.

Sartoria, specialized in the small size, creates an exception in the 60×120 size with a collection that combines different styles, from natural to retrò inspiration, resulting in an innovative proposal. Thus, design meets new possibilities to create continuous surfaces that flow on the ceramic material without interruption, creating rich color coverings with a wallpaper effect. Thanks to the know-how that characterizes our constant research, we have chosen digital cold technology to create a collection with vivid and brilliant colors, guaranteeing lasting and high-level aesthetic results. Scenari slabs, with their 60×120 size and 6 mm thickness, are the ideal solution for creating elegant and effective interiors.



Tropical Paint, Camargue, Oh My Green, Boiserie, Parrotland, Leaf in Time, Wonder Place, Blue Shapes, Glass Factory, Dark Moon








Some products vary from the listed availability lead times. Always confirm current lead times with your TXD Representative.

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