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Colored pinwheels, giant chess boards, geometric labyrinths, shells in baroque nymphaea.

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Collection Overview

Colored pinwheels, giant chess boards, geometric labyrinths, shells in baroque nymphaea. Our pioneering commitment of implementing cold digital technology to floor application led to the creation of this collection. This game-changing production process – of which we are frontier settlers in terms of vertical walls – allows for the reproduction of brilliant colors that would be impossible to obtain otherwise. ‘One’ revisits the theme of encaustic cement tiles but in an oversized and eye-catching format: a 120×120 tile with a thickness of 6mm. The graphic textures run through the entirety of the surface making it extremely contemporary, playful and cheerful. As a kaleidoscope, this collection changes color but not shape, creates patterns, plays with proportions and gives life to new colors. ‘One’ is a multilevel game: an all-around neutral dotted tile, 2 traditional digital decorations and 6 cold digital decorated options. After 2 years of relentless research with the best technologies, we have developed a new production process to improve the surface resistance and we are finally ready to launch it on the market. As in every first time, it will be a developing path, so the research will never stop and adjustments will always be adopted on the way. The collection is extremely versatile, it can be used both in residential environments and in high-traffic public spaces. It is fresh, fun, and innovative. One is decorative Energy!



Base 00, One 01, One 02, One 03, One 04, One 05, One 06, One 07, One 08








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