Mosaics by Coverall Stone

Pebbles and cut stones perfect for indoor and outdoor use!

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Collection Overview

A pebble mosaic installation adds an exceptional upgrade to any project. By adhering natural pebble to mesh backing we give you the look of handset pebble with easy installation.

The wide range of colors, shapes, and textures in the mesh-backed tile allows for use in virtually any project, indoors and out. Uses include flooring, bathrooms, showers, pools, decks, patios, wall cladding, and many more.

The interlocking sheets are packaged in boxes and are shipped in a timely manner all over North America, ready for installation upon their arrival. A large amount of each tile is kept in stock, ensuring orders of all sizes can be fulfilled.


Seaside Pebble, Porcelain Pebble, Polished Pebble, Micro Pebble, Large Stone Mosaic, Cut Mosaic, Carrara Marble, Basalt Mosaics, Stone Mosaic, Stacked Pebble


Seaside Pebble Ivory, Seaside Pebble Java Blend, Seaside Pebble Melon, Seaside Pebble Ocean Blend, Seaside Pebble River Rock, Seaside Pebble Sierra, Seaside Pebble Tan, Stacked Pebble Black, Stacked Pebble Cherry, Stacked Pebble Earth, Stacked Pebble Green, Stacked Pebble Ivory, Stacked Pebble Mocha, Stacked Pebble Ocean Blend, Stacked Pebble Polished Black, Stacked Pebble Polished Mix, Stacked Pebble Polished Red, Stacked Pebble Tan, Stone Mosaic Black, Stone Mosaic Emerald, Stone Mosaic Grey, Stone Mosaic Ivory, Stone Mosaic Red, Stone Mosaic Tan, Stone Mosaic Yellow, Basalt Mosaics 1" Hex, Basalt Mosaics 3" Hex, Basalt Mosaics 6" Hex, Basalt Mosaics 10" Hex, Basalt Mosaics Natural Break, Basalt Mosaics Random Stack, Basalt Mosaics Subway 1×2, Basalt Mosaics Subway 2×4, Carrara Marble 3" Hex, Cut Mosaic Aqua, Cut Mosaic Black, Cut Mosaic Cherry, Cut Mosaic Green, Cut Mosaic Ivory, Cut Mosaic Olive, Cut Mosaic Red, Cut Mosaic Tan, Cut Mosaic White, Cut Mosaic Yellow, Large Stone Mosaic Black, Large Stone Mosaic Grey, Large Stone Mosaic Ivory, Large Stone Mosaic Nero, Large Stone Mosaic Red, Large Stone Mosaic Tan, Micro Pebble Charcoal, Micro Pebble Coral, Micro Pebble Earth, Micro Pebble Green, Micro Pebble Ivory, Micro Pebble Melon, Micro Pebble Mint, Micro Pebble Mixed, Micro Pebble Mocha, Micro Pebble White, Polished Pebble Black, Polished Pebble Mixed, Polished Pebble Olive, Polished Pebble Red, Polished Pebble Striped, Polished Pebble White, Polished Pebble Yellow, Porcelain Pebble Antique Bronze, Porcelain Pebble Arctic White, Porcelain Pebble Cobalt, Porcelain Pebble Coral, Porcelain Pebble Jet Black, Porcelain Pebble Matte Black, Porcelain Pebble Mixed Copper, Porcelain Pebble Ocean, Porcelain Pebble Sea Mist, Porcelain Pebble Sunset, Seaside Pebble Bali Brown, Seaside Pebble Black, Seaside Pebble Cherry, Seaside Pebble Earth, Seaside Pebble Green


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