Glazes by Encore

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From alloy glazes and ethically sourced natural stone color blends, to beautifully flashed matte glazes and crackle glazes full of depth and light bending capabilities, Encore Ceramics is one of the best handmade tile manufacturers in America. Their production process has been perfected down to a science, so there’s near-zero waste and Sustainable natural resource usage. With surfaces so luxurious, it feels good knowing that you can live the glam life while living sustainably too.


Gloss, Matte, Crackle, Sheer, Precocious, Heritage, Jewel, Quartz, Alloy, Stone, Blends


Milk, Quail, Partridge, Fig, Fossil, Ore, Titanium, Ash, Zephyr, Fresco, Brie, Cotton, Bianca, Chic, Sand, Spice, Pebble, Stratus, Graphite, Carbon, Iron, Coal, Navy, Pacific, Aloe, Agave, Kelp, Paisley, Spruce, Ginkgo, Heather, Peat, Macadamia, Capri, Silhouette, Oatmeal, Birch, Cognac, Henna, Peony, Dahlia, Hibiscus, Mojave, Rosemary, Smoke, Truffle, Cirrus, Storm, Silver, Heliotrope, Sepia, Eggplant, Pewter, Chocolate, Nutmeg, Cobalt, Midnight, Denim, Atlantic, Slate, Sky, Bali, Seafoam, Cashmere, Bermuda, Indigo, Ink, Lagoon, Stream, Belize, Brazil, Clover, Pond, Celery, Waterfall, Mint, Peridot, Moonlight, Ice, Windrift, Cameo, Beach, Ecru, Maize, Harvest, Alabaster, Platinum, Pumice, Earl Grey, Cinder, Robin's Egg, Hydrangea, Gardenia, Imagine, Gorgeous, Blues, Blues Multi, Stunning, Dream, Terra, Heron, Mirage, Sahara, Unforgettable, Vintage, Chianti, Gimlet, Martini, Travertine, Silk, Linen, Wine, Lava, Hickory, Morel, Saturn, Cypress, Admiral, Lapis, Azul, Cielo, Mist, Menta, Opal, Cabo, Baja, Aegean, Cortez, Evergreen, Shire, Eucalyptus, Glacier, Sochi, Luna, Crema, Dune, Champagne, Thatch, Marigold, Sable, Toffee, Autumn, Garnet, Port, Shadow, Amethyst, Thistle, Neptune, Geode, Peacock, Rain, Fennel, Ocean, Emerald, Balsamic, Meadow, Olive, Morning, Salt, Bronze, Blacksmith, Nebula, Mercury, Arival (limestone), Blue Everest (marble), Calacatta (marble), Carrara (marble), Crema Marfil (marble), Emperador Silver (marble), Limestone, Mediterranean Blue (limestone), Mocha Crema (limestone), Negro (marble), Seagrass (limestone), Thassos (marble), White Everest (marble), Falkirk, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Troon, Glencoe, Cayman, Galapagos, Tortuga, Bimini, Dunbar, Brodie, Lauder, Craster, Andalusia, Inverness, Denholm, Hilo, Melrose, Montrose, Russell, Kona, Naples, Rogue, Arlington, Newport, Lakeview, Baker, Rockaway, Riddle, Astoria, Halsey, Cornelius, Balboa, Hubbard, Jordan, Newcastle, Portland, Springfield, Perth, Limestone 111, Carrara 205, Thassos 104, Montreal, Elgin, Willamette, Hillcrest, Salem, Calacatta 901, Canby, Amity, Morrow, Lexington, Keizer, Seaside, Monmouth, Silverton, Wheeler, Eugene, Dundee, Veneta, Waterloo, Unity, Roswell, Oakridge, Bend, Woodburn, Wellington, Toledo, Multnomah, Redmond, Gladstone, Stayton, Lonerock, Gresham, Independence, Stanfield, Barlow, Coburg, Lolland, Halifax, Gaston, Seagrass 164


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