Cotto by Fragmenti

Handmade terracotta mosaics in a contemporary stick format. Applicable to Indoor and Outdoor installations.

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Collection Overview

The collection has its roots in the Impruneta area near Florence, in the valleys of the Ema and Greve rivers, rich in an unique clay called Galestro. It ‘s thanks to this particular clay that Cotto di Impruneta has its distinctive colour and superior technical performances. The processing of the dried raw material with steel brushes, called “arrotatura”, cleans the material from extrusion marks and gives it the typical cotto brushed surface.

The mixture of EARTH and WATER, after being degassed, extruded and shaped loses its natural moisture thanks to a long AIR drying process which takes up to 42 hours. The FIRE and the 72 hours of firing with temperatures close to 1000 degrees forge the material and give it the character and the strength which make Cotto di Impruneta a reference of the Made in Tuscany and Made in Italy.


Corto_01 – .5×2", Corto_02 – .5×4", Corto_03 – .5×2", .5×4", Lungo_01 – .5×6", Lungo_02 – 1×6", Lungo_03 – 1×12"


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