| December 27, 2022

Wood Look Tile for Your Living Space

If you caught our latest article on kitchen floor trends for 2023, you already know that wood look tile is taking the interior design world by storm! 

Wood look tile flooring is an easy way to add warmth and personality to any area of your home. It’s also available in various sizes and styles, including knotty pine, maple, cherry oak, basswood, pinewood, walnut—you name it.

Why Is Wood Look Tile So Popular?

If you were to ask, most people love the elegance and warmth of a hardwood floor. Its rustic beauty and charm are inviting and can make any room look appealing to the eye.

But here’s the issue. Hardwood floors are high maintenance! They’re also easier to scratch and prone to water and termite damage. Furthermore, installing a hardwood floor is a significant investment. So although hardwood floors are aesthetically pleasing, they have their set of challenges, which could be costly.

So, you can probably see why wood look tile is gaining so much momentum. 

Imagine achieving the look of a polished hardwood floor without all that extra baggage. What we mean is because wood look tile is made from materials like porcelain, ceramic, and vinyl, it still delivers the durability and beauty you desire with less maintenance, more scratch and stain resistance, and even more style options. 

They’re also less expensive than real wood materials.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, it gets even better. As a natural resource, wood floors are environmentally friendly options for homeowners. However, wood look tiles made from porcelain or ceramic do not undergo the same manufacturing process as wood.

For example, ceramic tile is made from clay, while modern tile is crafted from pulverized rock and recycled glass. Porcelain tiles, on the other hand, are shaped in a factory. A glaze is then applied and the porcelain is fired inside a kiln. In contrast, to manufacture planks for natural hardwood floors, the lumber must be collected using heavy equipment and shipped by trucks for processing where it undergoes drying, cutting, and shaping in a factory location.

As you can see, manufacturing wood look tiles from porcelain and ceramic uses significantly less gas and fossil fuels, making them an environmentally friendly tile option that you can feel good about. If you’re considering the benefits of wood look tile for your flooring, here are a few other things you’ll need to know. 

Perfect for Application

Wood look tile is popping up in homes, apartment complexes, condos, and commercial spaces across the country. And for good reasons, too. First, they’re a practical choice for kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, and walkways because they’re easy to clean and maintain and can withstand daily use from heavy foot traffic.

Additionally, wood look tiles are:

100% Waterproof

Natural wood is susceptible to water damage, rot, and warping. However, wood look tiles are 100% waterproof, making them a popular option for transforming master bathrooms into spa-like resorts. 

Extremely Versatile

Wood like tile can arrive as planks, similar to natural wood, or in unique shapes and designs to complement your space. From farmhouse chic to urban minimalist, you can choose from various colors, textures, and finishes (glazed or unglazed) to create the wood look you crave. And remember that you’re not limited to floor tiles either. Wood look wall tiles and backsplashes are also available.

Environmentally Friendly

As mentioned above, because wood look tile is made using porcelain and/or ceramic, its manufacturing process has significantly less impact on the environment. Many people are turning to luxury vinyl tile or other vinyl alternatives that actually wear down within a few years, continue to off gas well after installation, and aren’t recyclable.

Shop Wood Look Tile Today

If you’ve always dreamed of owning hardwood floors but don’t need the added costs and maintenance required, wood look tiles are an ideal solution. Wood look tile flooring gives you the stylish and elegant look of hardwood without the worry. It’s also beautiful, durable, and less expensive. We invite you to browse our floor tile options online or at our showroom. You can schedule an appointment or stop by during regular business hours. 

In the meantime, check out these inspirational wood look tile designs and discover the infinite possibilities you can create in your own living space. 

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