| December 22, 2022

Floor Tile Patterns and Designs in 2023

New Year—new you! That’s how the saying goes. So if you’re looking for inspiration to help spruce up your home or commercial property with stunning tile floor patterns and designs, you’ve come to the right place!

When it comes to tile flooring, the options are endless. From natural stone and porcelain to mosaics or ceramics, you can choose virtually any material or pattern to create a unique style for any size space. But when it comes to areas that experience heavy foot traffic or require the use of large appliances that need proper support, such as a kitchen space, durability is also key!

Kitchen Floor Tile Design Ideas for 2023

This guide will highlight which floor tile patterns and designs will take the world by storm in 2023. Whether you’re renovating floor tiles or starting from scratch, you’ll discover a wide array of tile options to help you achieve the timeless style and functionality you need!

Marble, Granite, Sandstone—Oh My!

Stone flooring is a clear winner if you need a durable solution for your kitchen floor tiles. The best part is that stone flooring never goes out of style. Unlike other tile products, stone provides better traction to help prevent slips. It’s also sturdy enough to hold large kitchen equipment and is long-lasting. It’s also much easier to maintain and keep clean.

Did we mention that stone flooring is gorgeous? As a natural material, each tile piece is unique and available in various styles to give you a contemporary or modern aesthetic. Just remember that stone does come at a higher price point.

Stone Floor Tiles To Look Out for in 2023
  • Carriere by Kronos combines stone look tile and concrete to transform any kitchen space into a modern urban living setting that pairs sustainability with natural beauty.
  • Dimensions Waterjet by Marble Systems. Intricately formed together, the Waterjet collection creates a curvaceous geometric pattern that ranges from soft whites to stunning olive green to brighten any kitchen space. 
  • Talya by Marble Systems Want formal and casual? How about elegant and understated? The Talya’s minimal palette of grays and ivories fits easily into any traditional or modern environment. It’s also suitable for areas that require better traction due to wet surfaces, such as master baths and kitchens.


If you love the look of marble stone but don’t have the budget to tile your entire kitchen area, consider porcelain marble-look tiles. Better yet, want to create a gorgeous maple or pine-wood finish to give your kitchen that country home feel? Porcelain can do that, too. 

Aside from porcelain allowing you to create the look of more expensive tile flooring, it’s also: 

  • Incredibly durable and dense 
  • Water and stain-resistant
  • Scratch resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • Long-lasting

Porcelain is the perfect option for kitchen flooring as it can withstand heavy foot traffic and activity. It also looks incredible and allows you to achieve “literally” any design and material look you desire.

Porcelain Floor Tiles To Look Out for in 2023
  • Afromosia by Coem. This wood-look tile has a smooth, balanced grain with no gnarls. Available in classic wood shades, Afromosia by Coem offers an intimate, linear approach to residential and commercial kitchen areas.
  • Essential by Fioranese offers another wood-effect porcelain stoneware featuring warm colors and a unique translucent effect to help bring out the surface grain brilliantly and clearly. 
  • Frammenta by Fioranese features Italian rock from the place of the same name, Gré, whose name means “rock with pebbles.” The collection has a marked irregularity of grains, or pebbles, with a mix of mini and macro-stone patterns.


Need help deciding on a tile material? Why not combine the best of both worlds with Mosaics? Mosaic tile combines different sizes, colors, shapes, and materials to create a unique, artistic design for any space.

Using a combination of ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone tiles, mosaic tiles are arranged carefully to create a larger pattern that’s easy to install on floors or walls. You can use mosaics for backsplashes and flooring, and because they’re both durable and slip-resistant, they’re ideal for kitchen and bathroom spaces.  

Mosaic Floor Tiles To Look Out for in 2023
  • Baba Chic By Country Floors use a combination of limestones and terracotta in bold color combinations, shape, and sizes to showcase the skilled craftsmanship of Tunisian artisans. This collection can help you achieve a dramatic statement for any wall or floor application. 
  • Atelier Mosaics by Marble Systems offers a mosaic pattern for every style and is made from superb quality, beautifully finished natural stone. 
  • CH18 Rotunda by Jeffrey Court offers a unique take on neoclassical design. Utilizing high-quality natural stones synonymous with the architecture found in state capitals and national monuments throughout the country, the collection combines symmetrical shapes and geometric patterns to create its own unique finish. 

Which Kitchen Tile Floor Patterns Will You Choose?

With these hot tile trends in mind, the next step is simple: visit the Tile X Design showroom! While there, you’ll discover endless tile options to plan your next tile project. You’ll also have the chance to talk to one of our tile experts. From there, we’ll answer your questions and help you bring your tile project to life.

Schedule an appointment or stop by our showroom near you!

In the meantime, you can browse inspirational collections, follow us on Instagram, or request samples to be delivered to your location.  

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