| December 1, 2022

Tile Floor Pattern Ideas for Small Spaces

Every tiling project has its own unique set of challenges. For example, tiling smaller living areas, such as a mudroom, half bath, entry walkway, or patio, can be incredibly daunting during a renovation. 

The reason? Every square inch counts! In fact, choosing the wrong tile pattern can make a small room look even smaller. But if you’re tired of your room’s outdated tiles, and think it’s time for a fresh new look, we have some floor tile pattern ideas you’ll love! 

Whether you’re a builder, interior designer, or homeowner, our team can help you confidently plan your next tile project—no matter the size or layout of the room. To begin, let’s discuss three tips for tiling a small living area:

1) Don’t Be Afraid to Make the Floor a Focal Point

Bold tile patterns and colors can instantly transform any space to complement your personality or create the style you crave.

If vintage flare is what you’re after, Cementine20 by Fioranese makes it easy to mix the traditional with the contemporary using creative color combinations and patterns reminiscent of the 60s and 70s. In contrast, Fioranese’s Clorofilla collection invites nature’s beauty into your space, while Encore’s custom mosaics pair bold colors with geometric shapes to add a bit of excitement and drama.

2) Stick with Smaller Patterns

If you want to go bold with your tile floor pattern, stick to smaller patterns to create a unique statement. Larger ones will often overwhelm a smaller space. CH8 Europa Arte by Jeffrey Court offers a great example of using smaller tile designs and bold colors to keep your floor the focal point. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean you need to stick to small tile sizes to achieve this look. Large tiles with minimal patterns like the ones from 65Parallelo tiles by Leonardo can still create a polished finish, make your room look bigger, and help you cut down on the number of tile pieces and grout required.

3) Mix or Match Your Flooring and Walls

Before you think matching your floor and wall tiles is boring, consider these gorgeous matte finishes in Nemo’s Casablanca 2.0 collection. Using a clear glaze over the tiles in different locations and angles, Nemo’s design offers a clever way to add patterns without it being overwhelming.

Again, this doesn’t mean your floor and wall tiles need to match. Instead, you can choose contrasting patterns, finishes, and sizes to create a one-of-a-kind tile design. Check out Futura by 41zero42 and CH18 Rotunda by Jeffrey Court for inspiration! 

Here are a few other tile floor pattern ideas and tips to keep in mind

Consider the Use of the Space

 If you’re tiling a half bathroom or small entryway, remember to choose durable tile, as these areas will experience the most foot traffic. 

Go Bold or Keep It Simple

Making your tile flooring the focal point creates a bold statement, but sometimes, you’d rather have the attention be on the room itself, not the floor beneath you. In that case, choose simplistic pattern designs that complement the space. For example, Scandinavian-inspired tile designs like Icona by Imola offer a gentle and discreet elegance that enhances the rest of the room without drawing too much attention to itself.

Use the Correct Tile and Grout Combinations

If you decide to tile your tiny room with dark tiles, choose a similar grout color to create the illusion of more space. Using a lighter grout with dark tiles often creates a busy appearance and can make the floor look tiny. 

Read our latest article for more tips on tile and grout combinations.

With these tips in mind, the next step is simple: visit the Tile X Design showroom! While there, you’ll discover endless tile options and browse inspirational collections. You’ll also have the chance to talk to one of our tile experts. From there, we’ll answer your questions and help you bring your tile project to life. Be sure to follow us on Instagram for more tile inspiration!

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