| November 9, 2022

Best Tile and Grout Color Combinations

Grout may not be the star of home renovation shows, but it’s undoubtedly an essential part of any tile design. It helps reinforce and support your tile installation, prevents dirt and other particles from getting in between or underneath your tile, and creates a clean, polished finish to your design.

So, what exactly is grout? 

Grout is a filler that binds together pieces of tiles and is typically a mixture of cement, limestone, color pigment, and water. Once you lay tile on a floor, wall, or surface area, you will apply grout on the joints between the tile, which prevents the tile from cracking or rubbing up against one another.

Aside from giving your tile project more stability and rigidity, grout can enhance the look of your tile design—when done correctly.

In this article, we’ll address a few commonly asked questions we receive about grout to help equip you with the best knowledge to plan your next tile project.

Should grout and tile colors be the same?

Believe it or not, it’s challenging to match your grout with the same exact color of your tile. As mentioned, grout includes water, but often you’ll need to add it to the mixture before application. Therefore, adding H20 may interfere with the color once dried, so getting an exact match is not easy. 

The good news is there is no rule that grout and tile colors must be the same. In fact, using different colors can enhance the overall design and create beautiful contrasts. Nevertheless, pairing similar colors can still make a statement. For instance, combining blue tile with light blue grout or black backsplash tile with black grout can create a dramatic look.

Should I use light grout on dark tiles or vice versa?

Again, no rule requires you to use specific tile and grout color combinations, but certain pairings can create a sophisticated design

To highlight a tile pattern or make a bold statement, for example, you can use a contrasting color of grout (e.g., white tile and black grout). On the other hand, if you’re aiming for a unified look, you’ll want to find a similar grout color (e.g., white tile and white grout). 

In addition, grout can darken over time, so if you’re laying tile in an area that experiences heavy foot traffic, start with a darker grout color.

What grout color pairs best with white tile?

White tile is highly versatile, meaning the sky’s the limit when choosing a grout color. Our advice is to consider the overall look and tone of the design. For example, if you want to make a bold statement, consider using black color grout or charcoal. However, if that sounds too dramatic, consider lighter shades to pair with white, such as dark gray, light gray, or beige. 

What are a few popular tile and grout combinations?

A few combination trends we’re seeing this year include:

  • Blue tile with white grout
  • Green tile with gray grout
  • Marble tile with white grout
  • Black chevron tiles with gray grout
  • White subway tile with charcoal grout

Using white grout is a popular option if you’re laying patterned tile and want to make its shapes and designs the main focus point (think green hexagon tile with white grout).

So, what grout color will you choose?

Whether you’re tiling a floor, backsplash, shower area, or surface, the tile and grout color combinations you choose should convey the type of mood you want to create. Light blues often set the tone of peace and tranquility, while white creates a clean, simplified aesthetic. Other colors, like green, are typically associated with healing and harmony, while yellow or gold can signify energy. 

Choosing the type of vibe you want to create is key to pairing the right tile and grout combination.

Looking for Inspiration? 

We have you covered! We invite you to browse our past projects gallery to help you plan your next tiling project. For tips and ideas, we encourage you to schedule an appointment to meet with one of our experts or visit a showroom near you to browse our wide selection of tile collections. Also, follow us on Instagram for daily design inspiration.

We can also deliver product samples directly to your home at your request! We look forward to helping you plan your next tiling project!

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