| October 2, 2023

Marble Look Tile for Indoors and Outdoors

Dreaming of marble tile in your kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor patio area? If you love the look but hate the costs, there’s good news! Porcelain marble-look tile is a beautiful, long-lasting, affordable solution that can bring your design ideas to life.

The Benefits of Porcelain Marble Look Tiles 

Tile opens your design to new possibilities by impersonating other materials, including marble. Intrigued? 

Here’s what makes marble look porcelain tile such a worthwhile investment: 

  • Timeless versatility. These tiles fit into all home designs, from traditional to rustic to modern. Create a soft or dramatic look; these tiles always stay in style.
  • Authenticity. Technological advances mean today’s porcelain tiles can look remarkably similar to genuine marble, offering the same luxurious visuals as the real thing.
  • Durability. Marble look tiles are made to withstand heavy traffic areas and require very little maintenance to keep them looking brand new. They just need the occasional cleaning with warm water and mild soap.
  • Affordability. While marble tiles can often break the bank, porcelain marble look tiles offer the same desired result without the high cost. 

Where Can I Use Marble Look Tiles

While the potentials are practically limitless, these marble-like tiles work particularly well in the following residential and commercial areas:  

In the Kitchen

  • Backsplash 
  • Countertop 

In the Bathroom  

  • Backsplash 
  • In the shower 
  • Around the tub 
  • Vanity 
  • Flooring 

Indoor and Outdoor Living Spaces

  • Fireplace 
  • Patio 
  • Accent wall 
  • Entryways 

Three Favorite Marble Look Tile Designs 

At Tile X, we proudly carry all kinds of marble look tile designs. Here are 3 to jumpstart your next project:

Jeffrey Court - marble look tile.

For Simple Elegance: CH16 Park Place by Jeffrey Court 

This collection offers clean, elegant lines with simple color schemes. Reminiscent of 1920s New York City, their timeless design and precise detailing fit seamlessly into kitchens, bathrooms, and living spaces. Browse 11 different looks, inspired by the Big Apple, including Times Square and Grand Central. 

> See more colors and designs.

Frontier20 Landmark marble look tile.

For Durable Beauty: Frontier20 by Landmark 

Skip routine sealing with durable, stain-proof, maintenance-free tiles. These stunningly versatile styles are well-suited for indoor and outdoor spaces, making them pop with sophistication. 

They offer 11 unique looks, ranging from Terrazzo to Wood. 

> See more style and color options. 

Onyx by Emil marble look

For One-of-a-Kind Looks: Onyx by Emil 

Make a bold statement with your tile. Onyx has three-dimensionality that brings your design to a whole new level, all while capturing the silky smooth feeling of marble. And with five unique colors, you can personalize them to your space. 

> See more styles. 

Curious to see what else is out there? Check out our collection of marble look tiles with shapes, shades, and styles for your dream design. 

CH7 Cubist By Jeffrey Court

Shop For Tiles You’ll Absolutely Love

Choosing the right tile can revitalize your home’s look, feel, and functionality. If you’d like to transform your space with gorgeous tile solutions, visit our showroom or schedule an appointment to enjoy a one-on-one consultation with a team member. We’ll offer our knowledge and resources as you discover the perfect tile for your home!

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