Onyx by Emil

Sumptuous and seductive stone-look collection dedicated to the world’s most precious marble: onyx.

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Collection Overview

Onyx represents an important step in Emilceramica’s ongoing research dedicated to the finest and most precious of minerals: the shade variations and transparencies typical of this stone are layered beneath surfaces to bestow a wonderful three-dimensionality and inner gleam. In an extremely refined, intriguing palette of colours – from the enticing Ivory to the elegant Pink, the deep Green and Blue and the dramatic Onyx Black – with its splendid large size of 120×278 cm, Tele di Marmo Onyx offers a depth and richness of colour never previously achieved. Moreover, the SilkTech technology provides excellent anti-slip performances while still retaining the ceramic surface’s soft, silky feel.

Face counts for all colors:
47×109 – 6 faces
47×47 – 10 faces
36×36 – 14 faces
24×47 Glossy – 20 faces
24×47 Silk – 19 faces
12×24 Glossy – 56 faces
12×24 Silk – 52 faces


Black, Blue, Green, Ivory, Pink


47×109 6.5mm, 47×47 6.5mm, 36×36 Glossy, 24×47 Glossy, 24×47 Silk, 12×24 Glossy, 12×24 Silk, Intrecci Glossy, Intrecci Silk, 1×1 Mosaico Glossy, 1×1 Mosaico Silk, 2×2 Mosaico Glossy, 2×2 Mosaico Silk


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