Victoria by Marca Corona

From a careful study of the latest design trends comes Victoria, the new series of 16×32″ white-body 3D wall tiles by Marca Corona. The collection takes its inspiration from the elegance and rigour of Victorian London, focusing on material, colour and 3D patterns to design modern, classy interiors.

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Collection Overview

It’s impossible not to fall in love with the contemporary, versatile range of colours: the 7 nuances selected embrace pastel tones (white, pink and turquoise), neutral shades (vanilla and silver) and decidedly theatrical saturated touches (obsidian grey and carnelian terracotta). The colour combinations are virtually endless and all equally irresistible. The expressive force of Victoria is underlined by the 3 textures: in addition to the base tile Wall, the series also features 2 innovative three-dimensional pattern alternatives, Art and Panel. Both designed to be combined with the base tile, Art focuses on 3D geometries with an eccentric design, while Panel is reminiscent of the elegant wood panelling of the late nineteenth century. All the Victoria surfaces can be laid both horizontally and vertically.


Carnelian, Blush, Gypsum, Turquoise, Obsidian, Silver, Breeze, Blossom, Vanilla


Base, Art, Panel









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