Stellar Quickship by Sonoma Tilemakers

With 4 standard field sizes and 2 decorative tiles in 21 neutral colors, the Stellar Quickship by Sonoma is a perfectly curated selection from the master collection for those who need tile quickly.

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Collection Overview

Stellar Quickship was designed for those who demand quality, efficiency, and quick delivery. Offering a curated selection from its namesake, Stellar is perfect for those working on last-minute renovations or tight deadlines.

With 4 standard field sizes, 2 decorative tiles, and 21 neutral and contemporary colors, this essential collection ensures your project stays on track. Enjoy the convenience of quick-ship tile without compromising on style or quality.


3×6, 3×9, 6×12, 3×9 Delancey, 8×3 Trestle, 4×8 Campton


Blanco (Glossy), Alpine Stone (Glossy), Cloud Dancer (Glossy), Metro Gray (Glossy), Aquarius (Glossy), Gardenia (Crackle), Creamy Crackle (Crackle), Day Dream (Crackle), Penthouse (Crackle), Smoke (Crackle), Rainstorm (Crackle), Dovetail (Crackle), Mist (Crackle), Quicksilver (Crackle), Wedgewood (Crackle), Fontaine (Crackle), Goose Down (Matte), Pumice (Matte), Pitch Black (Matte)





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