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This elegant handmade collection offers glossy wall tiles full of movement accompanied by a dimensional subway and a floor ready matte 2×6 brick.

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Collection Overview

An exquisitely hybrid charm characterizes the MINI collection, revealing itself in the bond that combines the variegated appearance of a soft brushstroke with the austerity of an elegant and modern striped. a decisive character which recognizes the quality, design, commitment to create modern and impactful environments.

The Colors shine with an artisan preciousness capable of lighting up the walls with vibrant play of lights. The refinement of the texture, linear and simple, is tailored on sophisticated shades capable to provide a glamorous aura to the rooms. The variety of installations options offers freedom of patterns, horizontal or vertical laying or mixes with decorations, opens the way for trendy solutions of interior design.


–Installation tips–
MINI reproduces traditional hand made tiles, this is the reason why there are slight dimensional differences between pieces, which are part of the intended aesthetic. It is advised to adjust each one of the pieces in the process of installation, instead of using spacers. These differences and the slight superficial imperfections, bring their character, hand made feel and a high aesthetic value as a final result.

Pure White – 2×6 Glossy, Pure White – 2×6 Matte, Pure White – 2×6 Glossy Stripes, Off White – 2×6 Glossy, Off White – 2×6 Matte, Off White – 2×6 Glossy Stripes, Grey – 2×6 Glossy, Grey – 2×6 Matte, Grey – 2×6 Glossy Stripes, Mint – 2×6 Glossy, Mint – 2×6 Matte, Mint – 2×6 Glossy Stripes, Green – 2×6 Glossy, Green – 2×6 Matte, Green – 2×6 Glossy Stripes, Tiffany – 2×6 Glossy, Tiffany – 2×6 Matte, Tiffany – 2×6 Glossy Stripes, Denim – 2×6 Glossy, Denim – 2×6 Matte, Denim – 2×6 Glossy Stripes, Coral – 2×6 Glossy, Coral – 2×6 Matte, Coral – 2×6 Glossy Stripes, Terracotta – 2×6 Glossy, Terracotta – 2×6 Matte, Terracotta – 2×6 Glossy Stripes





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