Marea by Quintessenza

A moody, dimensional 3×12 subway available in 6 rich colors.

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Collection Overview

Marea was born on the uncertain border that separates the sky from the water, blurred by the dance of the waves. It is a minimalist, collection with a meticulous, sculptural three-dimensionality, full of vibrant energy and inspired by the cyclical, moon-driven motion of the sea.Pigmento10 is a new porcelain stoneware collection inspired by the Pigmento 6x37cm collection, restyled in a 10x10cm format.

It is a series dedicated to colour as both a tool and a front-line player in design.

Its colour palette consists of 11 different shades that range from more neutral and versatile tones such as beige, mud, white, grey and black, to vibrant combinations like ochre, earth, green, light blue, blue and mauve.

What makes this collection particularly unique is its tone variations. As the delicate changes in shade on these matt surfaces and the richness of their nuances generate highly sophisticated colour effects.

Thanks to its small format, Pigmento10 allows you to decorate walls, floors and even furniture easily and stylishly and create coordinated, elegant environments.


Bianco – Flat (matte), Bianco – Alta (matte), Bianco – Bassa (glossy), Rosa – Flat (matte), Rosa – Alta (matte), Rosa – Bassa (glossy), Salvia – Flat (matte), Salvia – Alta (matte), Salvia – Bassa (glossy), Nero – Flat (matte), Nero – Alta (matte), Nero – Bassa (glossy), Porpora – Flat (matte), Porpora – Alta (matte), Porpora – Bassa (glossy), Blu – Flat (matte), Blu – Alta (matte), Blu – Bassa (glossy), Oro – Flat (matte), Oro – Alta (matte), Oro – Bassa (glossy), Smeraldo – Flat (matte), Smeraldo – Alta (matte), Smeraldo – Bassa (glossy), Carta da Zucchero – Flat (matte), Carta da Zucchero – Alta (matte), Carta da Zucchero – Bassa (glossy), Terra – Flat (matte), Terra – Alta (matte), Terra – Bassa (glossy), Grigio – Flat (matte), Grigio – Alta (matte), Grigio – Bassa (glossy)





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