Fargblock by Quintessenza

Colorblocking collection perfect for ultra modern colorful yet minimalist interiors.

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Collection Overview

Färgblock – colour block in English – is our new ceramic collection developed in collaboration with the designer and colorist Tekla Evelina Severin.
Tekla was asked to take part in this project due to her extraordinary ability with colour dynamics. In fact, her favourite quotation is: “Colour is never absolute, it is always relative, and it is what you put next to it that defines it’.

Färgblock was born from a desire to create a lively, versatile and highly appealing collection that offers maximum freedom of expression thanks to playful colour effects, contrasts, and tone-on-tone harmonies.

The inspiration for developing the colour palette comes, as always with Tekla, from multiple sources: images acquired during travels around the world; historic locations veiled in the positive nostalgia of bygone atmospheres; and natural landscapes where the light creates constantly changing colour nuances according to the time of day.

She also states that for all human beings, it is very important to live in a colourful environment that makes us feel comfortable and where we can find our own physical and mental well-being.

Färgblock is available in a 2×6″ porcelain stoneware format with a gloss finish that combines the technical performance of stoneware with the powerful and contemporary aesthetic impact of a wide colour range. Decisive contrasts and delicate tone-on-tone juxtapositions enable fillers and grouting to become important tools offering multiple possibilities for planners and designers.


Cipria, Arancio, Cannella, Borgogna, Champagne, Senape, Bianco, Menta, Smeraldo, Cielo, Oceano, Cenere, Sabbia



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