| September 14, 2022

What Is Concrete Flooring?

Once upon a time, concrete flooring was primarily found in residential basements, garages, and commercial warehouses. But thanks to advances in texturizing and colorizing techniques, concrete can now be polished, etched, or stained to complement the aesthetics of any interior of a home or commercial building.

From flooring and backsplashes to decorative overlays, concrete offers a robust, scratch-resistance solution that brings sleek, sophisticated designs to contemporary living spaces. 

Concrete flooring can range from basic (e.g., pouring a concrete slab or overlay on an existing hard-surface floor and then polishing and staining it) to more luxurious (e.g., creating geometric patterns, using multiple dyes and stains, or adding unique texturizing effects like a brushed look or stencils). Yet, concrete isn’t the only industrial material getting attention from residential designers these days. Cement tiles are equally popular.

But wait, aren’t cement and concrete floor tiles the same? Not quite. On the surface, cement and concrete look and sound the same, yet they are different.

Concrete vs. Cement: What’s the Difference?

Cement is an ingredient used to make concrete. In fact, it’s a dry substance mixed with aggregates and water to create the type of heavy-duty concrete we see on sidewalks, driveways, and flooring. Because cement is a fine gray powder, it must be mixed with other ingredients like sand, color pigment, and marble to create luxurious tile pieces for residential or commercial flooring projects. 

Both cement and concrete floor tiles are durable, long-lasting, and can be personalized with unique colors and textures to serve as large canvases throughout your home’s decor. 

To help inspire your next design, view our Arcobaleno Terrazzo by Marble Systems collection for stunning home renovations using cement tile.

Things to Consider with Concrete/Cement Tile

Though authentic concrete and cement tiles offer a beautiful design that’s “initially” low maintenance, it does need to be treated similarly to natural stone and should be resealed regularly. Over time, it’s not uncommon to discover surface wear and tear or a few hairline cracks, especially if your home or commercial building experiences temperature changes, moisture buildup, or heavy foot traffic.

Additionally, authentic cement tiles can be costly and are not LEED compliant for many projects, mainly commercial construction. This is often due to the manufacturing process of creating new concrete, which requires significant energy expenditure and large amounts of carbon dioxide. However, if you’re interested in a cost-effective solution that is sustainable and versatile, cement look tile is a better option!

What Is Concrete/Cement Look Tile?

If you’re after the polished, sleek design of cement tile without the high price tag or echo effect, cement look tiles can help enhance your living space. At Tile X Design, we specialize in cement look tile designs to suit any area of the home. Ideal for backsplashes and residential flooring, our tiles are made of porcelain to give you an affordable, durable solution that still achieves the look and feel of traditional tile materials like cement or concrete.

Cement look tile also works best with heated flooring solutions, making it a great addition to your heated master bathroom. As a sustainable option, cement look tile is also perfect for larger commercial construction projects that require LEED compliance. 

Shop Concrete Flooring and Cement Look Tile

Whether your style is cottage or luxury-maximalism, concrete and cement look tiles will make a wonderful addition to any design aesthetic. We invite you to browse our products online and view our design collections. You can also schedule an appointment at our showroom to see our cement look tiles in person, ask questions, and get a quote for your next DIY project or commercial construction.

To get started, request a showroom appointment today!

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