| July 21, 2023

Spotlight: Why Working with a Tile Expert Is Always Step 1

When choosing tile for a commercial renovation or new build, multiple professionals, including designers, builders, and contractors, are involved in the planning and construction process. However, working with a tile expert from the beginning will ensure that each project stays on budget, meets coding requirements, and looks one-of-a-kind!

At Tile X Design, we collaborate with many creative designers to help them plan and prepare their tile materials to complement their designs and the aesthetics of the commercial space. From choosing the right materials, colors, textures, and finishes to ensuring the correct size and shape for flawless installation, our expert offers incredible guidance and support at every step. 

Meet Jennifer Christopher, Senior Account Manager

We sat down with tile expert Jennifer Christopher to get an inside scoop on what sets our services and tile selections apart in the commercial sector. So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

How long have you worked at Tile X Design?

Jennifer: I’ve been with the company for over a decade. Before that, I specialized in commercial interior design. 

Why do you love working here?

Jennifer: Since I began my career at Tile X Design, my role has evolved, allowing me to collaborate on various projects, train and manage team members, and work closely with vendors from all over the world. One of my absolute favorite tasks is supporting designers who come to us with their initial concepts. They tell me what they need or show me their inspiration. Then, I curate a list of products that would best complement their vision.

For commercial projects, one of the first materials designers must select is tile. Therefore, we know how essential this phase of the planning process is as it will impact the success of the installation. 

How else do you support designers?

Jennifer: My goal is to provide the best resources to help narrow down the right products for the project to bring their designs to life. Designers are incredibly knowledgeable, but with thousands of tile products to choose from, it doesn’t take long to feel overwhelmed. Additionally, with any commercial tile project, certain requirements will need to be met. This can include slip resistance, cost restrictions, available inventory, and whether or not the tile is suitable for each application. 

Finally, many tile products are Italian, meaning most of their resources and brochures are also Italian. So interpreting the information can be an additional challenge. However, that’s where we come in!

We help our design clients decipher all the information. This way, they find the best materials that fit the application and meet rigorous building codes and guidelines. Above all, we ensure the products we show them achieve the essence of their design.

What sets Tile X Design apart from the rest?

Jennifer: Aside from our extensive collection of tile products from over 120 vendors, we personalize our services to support each client’s needs.

Whether a designer emails us or stops into our showroom, we get to work finding answers to their technical questions, products that fit their concepts, and accurate quotes so they can plan accordingly.

To put it simply, our job is to help each designer shine! So, no matter what they need, we have the resources, tools, and expertise to hand-deliver a comprehensive solution. We want you to work with us. But most importantly, we want you to feel 100% confident and satisfied with our services and products.

I’m proud that many designers I work with today are those I met when I started a decade ago. Building relationships and trust is something we strive for. So, when designers and contractors return to us repeatedly, it makes it all worth it! 

Any tips for designers visiting Tile X Design?

Jennifer: I always recommend that you know your parameters—such as pricing and project timing—up front and be ready to talk about them. It’s also the first thing I’ll ask for when you contact us

Also, never hesitate to ask questions or use us as a resource. That’s why we’re here! 

Stop Into Our Showroom

If you need assistance with your upcoming commercial tile project, we offer multiple options to get in touch. You can visit our showroomschedule an appointment, or request a quote. While there, you’ll meet with a dedicated tile expert who will provide the guidance you need to successfully navigate the complexities of your project with confidence, style, and ease.

About Jennifer

Jennifer Christopher is the Senior Account Manager responsible for commercial sales at Tile X Design. She holds a degree in Interior Design from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. Jennifer is passionate about design for the hospitality and multi-family sectors. Her favorite tile brands include Quintessenza, Terratinta, and 41zero42.

When not working, she loves dancing, taking care of her robust urban garden, and watching her daughter fly through the air doing aerial arts. 

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