| February 21, 2023

Kitchen Wall Tile Design: Before and After

From planning to project completion, we love hearing how our tile products and services bring dream designs to life! So if you’re looking for some tile inspiration to help tackle your next renovation project, we have just the story for you.

We recently met with Kailee Klevan, CKBD, Lead Designer at Beyond Kitchens, to hear about her experiences working with Tile X Design to create “The Cutting Edge Kitchen” for one of her clients. 

Before kitchen tile renovation.

Before the Kitchen Renovation

Tile X Design: Kailee, what were you hoping to achieve with this project?

Kailee: The goal for this project was to enlarge the existing kitchen, which was cramped and dated. Our hope was for the new kitchen to span the length of three separate rooms and increase the amount of natural light in the space by adding a new patio door. 

In addition, we wanted to have the cooktop repositioned on an island, so the family could enjoy the view out to the backyard while cooking.


Tile X Design: Can you share any challenges you encountered?

Kailee: Removing walls always comes with a challenge of some sort. Luckily, the two walls we wanted to remove were not load-bearing. We also needed to relocate the vents, returns, and electrical components.


Tile X Design: How did you overcome these obstacles?

Kailee: We relocated the returns to adjacent walls, heat vents into cabinet toe kicks, and rerouted the electrical.


During the Kitchen Renovation

Tile X Design: Can you tell us which products you incorporated into the kitchen wall tile design?

Kailee: Yes, we used Casablanca Square 5×5 “Wind.” I wanted to specify a tile that was simple and clean yet had interesting detail. I love the slight variation in color and dimension of this tile. 

It’s the perfect bridge between the contrasting and bright white cabinetry. The coloring in the tile also pairs perfectly with the veining in the quartz countertop.


Tile X Design: What was it like working with Tile X Design?

Kailee: Great! We worked with Lori Halverson, Residential Sales Representative. She is always very helpful when I need assistance finding the right tile or getting more information on a tile I’ve selected.

With this project and others, Tile X Design has always been quick to respond to my needs.

After kitchen renovation project.

After the Kitchen Renovation 

Tile X Design: Are you and your client happy with the result?

Kailee: We are thrilled with the result! The new kitchen is bright, open, and fits the family’s style much better. It’s a space they can cook in comfortably and use for many years.


Tile X Design: What advice would you give to others starting a renovation?

Kailee: Plan, plan, and plan some more before starting a renovation. Beyond Kitchens is a Design-Build company, which means we design everything, then start the project. 

I fully believe this is the best way to go about a remodel. That way, you have a solid plan of what you’re doing, what materials you’ll need, and your subcontractors know what’s going on before any work begins. 

Of course, there is usually something that arises mid-project, and you might need to reassess the situation or reselect a product, but more often than not, if you have a good plan going into it, you will be prepared for the unexpected and everything can run as smoothly as possible.


Tile X Design: Would you recommend working with Tile X Design?

Kailee: I would definitely recommend working with Tile X Design! They have so many options and types of tile to fit any kind of project. 


About Kailee Klevan

Kaliee has been a designer in the industry for almost a decade. After graduating college with a degree in Interior Design, she began working for a custom home builder for a few years. Eventually, she joined the Beyond Kitchens team, where she’s worked for almost 5 years, focusing on residential remodels. 

Kailee is a Certified Kitchen and Bath Designer (CKBD) through the NKBA and loves all things Kitchen and Bath Design. She lives happily with her wonderful husband and little boy and is excitedly expecting a little girl on the way this summer!

“Life’s busy and I’m loving every second,” said Kailee.

Let’s Work Together

We were delighted to work with Kailee on this project and look forward to collaborating together on another tile design in the future! If you’re interested in partnering with our team to help plan and complete your next renovation project, we invite you to browse our expansive collection of quality tile options online or at our showroom. You can schedule an appointment or stop by during regular business hours.  

In the meantime, if you’re craving more kitchen wall tile design ideas, browse our gallery for inspiration. Be sure to follow us on Instagram to stay connected to new trends in tile designs.

We look forward to helping you tackle any commercial or residential project in 2023 with confidence, expertise, and support! 


*Photography Credits

Project Title: The Cutting Edge Kitchen

Date: Started Project Late 2021, Finished Early 2022

Photographer: Marit Williams Photography

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