| February 10, 2023

Your Guide to Picking the Perfect Patio Tiles

Daydreaming of warmer days spent basking in your own outdoor oasis? Installing patio tiles can instantly transform your backyard space into a spa-like sanctuary. Before you can start, however, there are a few key factors to consider.

This guide will walk you through selecting the perfect outdoor tiles, from choosing the best design to helping you stay on budget.

How to Choose Outdoor Tiles for Your Patio

Ready to spruce up your outdoor patio or deck? From selecting suitable materials and sizes to determining the best color scheme or texture, the right outdoor tiles can give your space a makeover that is both aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting.

But first, let’s consider the following elements that may impact your decision:

Climate & Temperatures

Where you live will likely affect your tile choice. For example, in wet climates that experience moisture, materials like porcelain or ceramic perform best as they are more stain and slip-resistant, thus preventing falls. In comparison, natural stone tiles such as granite and marble are ideal for warmer temperatures due to their excellent heat retention properties.

Pro Tile Tip

It’s always important to evaluate the environment your outdoor tiles will have to endure. Suppose you live in an area with frequent rain, hail, or heavy snowfall. If that is the case, consider tile options with substrate layers such as sand and gravel that can improve drainage in your patio or deck and help ensure your outdoor tile selection remains beautiful and functional even after battling the elements.

Talking to a tile expert in your area is also a great way to ensure you choose the best material to withstand weather conditions and temperature changes.

Foot Traffic & Safety

Outdoor spaces are often accompanied by heavy foot traffic. So, when choosing patio tiles for your outdoor space, it’s essential to consider the durability of each tile, in addition to its wear resistance, freeze-thaw resistance, and abrasion resistance.

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Porcelain may be the winner here, as it’s durable, long-lasting, and resistant to freezing temperatures. You may also want to consider textured surfaces or patterns that can provide grip and traction underfoot for additional safety and security.

Color Scheme

As you make your selection, think through how you want your patio to look when completed, and decide which colors will best complement one another.

With neutral shades, for example, you can create a timeless look that won’t be limited by seasonal decor and can easily add pops of color through your outdoor furniture and accessories. If you want bolder options, consider patterned tiles or pairing subtle nuances with neutral colors. Whether you want to create a contemporary vibe or something more classic and timeless, there is an outdoor tile for your project!

For color inspiration, browse our outdoor tile gallery!

Tile Designs

Design is critical in choosing the right tile for your patio. Look for tiles with interesting shapes or textures. Consider a repeating motif that adds visual interest without overwhelming the overall effect. You can also consider unique designs incorporating geometric shapes, hand-painted designs, and other interesting effects to truly make your patio one-of-a-kind.

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For an extra layer of sophistication, opt for mosaic tiles that combine other materials like glass, metal, or stone tiles to add a touch of glamor and luxe to your outdoor space without going over budget.

Budget Your Tile Choice

Speaking of which, start your tile search by setting a budget and sticking to it. No matter what aesthetic you’re going for, there will be a style that’s appropriate for you.

Porcelain tiles, for example, are often affordable and come in various colors, textures, and sizes. In fact, many stone, wood, or brick-look tiles are made from porcelain, so if you live up north, where it’s often colder and damp, but crave the classic look of natural stone, you can still achieve this style for less.

Shop Outdoor Tiles for Your Patio

Want more patio tile ideas? Browse our gallery for inspiration, and follow us on Instagram for tips and trending designs. If you’re ready to plan your next tile project, we invite you to browse our floor tile options online or at our showroom.

You can schedule an appointment or stop by during regular business hours.

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