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General Tile FAQs

You have alot of questions about an upcoming tile project, and we've got the answers! Here are some frequently asked questions we get.

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What are the functional advantages of ceramic tile over other floor covering materials?

Tile is the most durable flooring and facing material available. It is water resistant, abrasion resistant and color permanent. It will not cut, tear, gouge, puncture, warp, rot, burn or require refinishing. Therefore, it is the surface of choice for bathrooms, mudrooms, foyers and kitchens.

Will my tile floor be too slippery?

Many tiles have a textured surface or are available in different finishes. We have tiles appropriate for every kind of application requiring increased slip-resistance.

What is the difference between ceramic and porcelain?

Porcelain tiles are clay-based, just like ceramic tiles, but they also incorporate the harder minerals found in granite, making them more durable and the most popular choice for high-traffic floors. Ceramic tiles come in many more varieties and provide homeowners the widest selection in terms of design, color and price.

Will my tile floor be cold?

In-floor heating products are available for new and remodel applications, and tile is a great thermal conductor. For barefoot rooms such as the master bath, products like Warm Touch™ are a simple solution. Experience Warm Touch™ in our showrooms.

How do I maintain my ceramic tile?

There is no need to wax, polish or buff your tile installation. A damp sponge or mop is all that is necessary for daily maintenance. Special problems? Each of our locations carries a full line of maintenance products developed specifically for ceramic and stone.

What products can I use in a steam shower?

The most commonly used material is porcelain tile. Glass, granite and some marbles are also durable choices.

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