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Price Match Guarantee FAQs

Details, limitations and discount information for our PMG

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How does your Price Match Guarantee (PMG) work?

Guaranteeing a competitive price is an extension of our mission: to provide the best possible ceramic and stone shopping experience. If you find any of our products advertised elsewhere for less, simply bring in a copy of the advertisement or price quotation, and we will match it. A quotation should include relevant criteria such as product description, unit of measurement and freight cost (if applicable).

What are the limitations to your PMG?

Eligible items must be the same brand and include the same features (i.e. size, finish and edge detail). In the case where one feature is different and immediate delivery is desired, we will try to make a mutually agreeable accommodation. The PMG is also not extended retroactively. Prices are finalized at the time of your purchase.

You gave me a 25% discount to match an internet price and then my contractor increased his labor bid. I didn't save much money. How come?

We are wholesalers, so it is easy for us to match internet pricing. The problem arises from differences in contractor bidding methods. Some contractors will extend their wholesale pricing to you and then attach all their business expenses to their labor bid. Other contractors will attach part of their overhead to their labor bid and recover the other part by reselling the tile to you at list price. The bottom line is about the same, but it is also a negotiable item. If you are willing to finance, pick-up, and deliver your own tile, you will normally save a little money.

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