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Porcelain Tile Maintenance FAQs

Post-Installation maintenance for Porcelain Tile.

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After Installation & Cleanup

Protect the tile work and joints from construction dirt and abrasion with cardboard or craft paper. A temporary protective coating can be used with unpolished tile. Tile work subjected to loads should be covered with plywood.

Polished finish only

Sweep clean or vacuum as required to remove sand and other abrasives which can scratch the finish. The polished finish is not recommended in food service or entry applications where spills and surface contamination create more slip-fall risk.

Routine maintenance

For routine maintenance, sweep and wet clean with any pH-neutral detergent. Rinse with clean water, removing excess water. Porcelain takes on a pleasing satin sheen over time with regular cleaning.

Periodic maintenance

For maintenance of extremely dirty areas, use more aggressive alkaline cleaners. Scrub with a floor machine equipped with an abrasive pad or stiff natural bristle brush. Pick up soiled cleaning solution with a wet vacuum. Rinse the floor with clean water or mild acidic cleaner to neutralize. Overuse of alkaline cleaners or failure to neutralize and wet vac will cause an alkaline film to develop, attracting more soil to the floor.


Sealing or waxing is not recommended. If unusual soiling problems are anticipated, please contact us.


Clean up spills promptly to avoid slip-falls and make soil removal easier. Spills on the polished finish are more difficult to remove later. All finishes: Hot water and a pH-neutral cleaner are normally sufficient. For coffee, juice, ketchup and foods containing oil or grease, spot-clean with a degreasing cleaner such as Formula 409. Paint and rubber stains respond to solvent-type cleaners.


No interior surfacing material surpasses ceramic tile (especially porcelain tile) in “ease of maintenance.”

Tile By Design carries a complete line of cleaning and sealing products for porcelain tile from Fila Solutions.

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