| October 16, 2022

Choosing a Tile Design for Your Shower

The options are endless if you’re planning to redesign your bathroom space. However, with so many designs, textures, and materials to consider, something that should be simple—like choosing your favorite tile design for a shower area, can be a real brain teaser.

The good news? Our team of experts can help you decide which shower tile best suits your space and will complement your dream bathroom design.

What Tiles Are Best for Shower Walls?

Consider that your shower area gets plenty of water, humidity, and high temperatures. So, naturally, you’ll need a durable, long-lasting solution to keep out moisture and maintain your family’s hygiene routine.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are popular options for shower tiling. And for a good reason, too. Many homeowners use these options for their bathroom floors, so you already know they offer a durable choice. Additionally, ceramic and porcelain absorb less moisture and are slip and scratch resistant. 

However, if you enjoy hot, steamy showers, porcelain has a higher density and weight. Therefore, it’s more resistant to heat and a better tiling option. You may also consider natural stone—such as granite, marble, or slate. Or you may choose glass mosaic tile to add light and shine to the space.

Tips for Choosing Shower Tile Designs

Before deciding which material best suits your shower, consider the theme you want to achieve in your bathroom space. Are you after a contemporary pattern or a shabby chic design? Mid-century or Scandinavian? Victorian or farmhouse rustic? 

The list of designs is endless. In fact, most DIY homeowners find this the most challenging portion of the project. So, take your time choosing a design that brings out your style preferences and wants. 

Next, consider how your shower tile will complement the aesthetics of your dream design. For example, if you’re after a Scandinavian style, consider that you’ll want to create a clean, simplified design that features bold contrasts of black and white with pops of neutral colors like green, beige, and gray. 

To help you plan your shower tile design project, here are 5 pro tips:

  1. Choose your tile size—While planning your project, use the dimensions of the shower area to determine your preferred tile size. This can also help with budgeting. Remember that choosing a larger tile will result in less grout work. But you may need to cut larger pieces to fit your space correctly.
  2. Utilize smaller tiles on curves—Using smaller tiles on curved areas of your shower (and bathroom) is an easier way to achieve natural arches and traction.
  3. Consider cleaning—If you’re not a fan of spending Saturday mornings scrubbing your shower, consider water-resistant materials like porcelain. This material doesn’t have rougher textures like stone, which are harder to clean. It also won’t leave moisture residue after a hot shower like glass, making it much more low maintenance to clean. 
  4. Remember safety first—Though you can get away with using glass tile on your shower walls, you’ll need to choose slip-resistance options if you’re tiling the floor of a walk-in shower.
  5. Work with a tile expert—As you can already tell, a lot of planning and strategy goes into DIY tiling, even for smaller areas like a walk-in shower. Therefore, it’s best to meet with a tile expert who can walk you through your options and help you choose the right size, color, pattern, and textures to suit your space and budget.

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