| May 17, 2023

Bathroom Floor Tile: Before & After

Looking for new inspiration for your bathroom floor tile? We have you covered! Read our exclusive interview with Katie Pope, AIA, CID, LEED AP ID+C, Senior Project Manager at IA Interior ArchitectsKatie has worked in commercial architecture and interior design for her entire career. As a result, she knows how to plan, project manage, and produce results her clients love. So when it came time for her family to update the finishes and fixtures in their 1934 bathroom, she experienced first-hand what it’s like to be on the client-facing side of a tile renovation. 

Being patient, staying focused, and never settling for less allowed Katie to create a functional, stunning bathroom floor tile design that captures the historic beauty of a classic era.

Outdated bathroom floor tile.
Before Tile Renovation

Tile X Design: What was the goal of your bathroom floor tile project?

Katie: We live in a beautiful historic home that my husband and I are renovating. Therefore, we wanted to update the materials but still hold true to the French Normandy style of the house and the historic district we live in. It was important to us to honor its craftsmanship and architecture.


Tile X Design: Did you encounter any challenges along the way? 

Katie: Since my husband and I were doing most of the work ourselves, our challenges primarily revolved around finding time between our full-time jobs and parenting to get this big and messy job done. Surprisingly, however, we had no issues with material lead times because we weren’t working under tight deadlines.

Demo of bathroom with torn tile and walls.
During Renovation

My husband (who installed the tile and works as a construction project manager) would say the alignment of tile joints with the pedestal sinks, mirror, and shower niche was challenging. He had some extra pressure, though, having his wife/designer looking at it 24/7!


Tile X Design: How did the DIY build go?

Katie: We took our time and studied the details, reminding ourselves that this is our primary bath for years to come, so let’s not rush it; let’s do it the right way for us.


Tile X Design: What tile products did you use in the bathroom renovation?

Katie: We selected and installed the following products:

  • Jeffrey Court, Ch. 14 The Press – Tribune Mosaic, Black
  • Jeffrey Court, White Hex Mosaic
  • Sonoma Tilemakers, Pure Millenium Base, Matte White
  • Sonoma Tilemakers, Pure 2” x 8 ½”, Matte White
  • Sonoma Tilemakers, Pure ½” x 8” Aire Liner, Matte White

We love how they came together and the final reveal! 


In progress tiling project of walls and bathroom floor. Tile X Design: Did you know which materials you wanted to use going into the project, or did this change after speaking with a consultant?

Katie: I’ve worked with Jennifer Christopher at Tile X Design on many commercial projects, so I initially visited the showroom to meet with her to sift through tile options.


Tile X Design: What influenced your final decision? 

Katie: I had some inspirational images and a general style in mind, but Jennifer was able to show me a handful of options aligning with my ideas and budget. I love how timeless black and white materials are. Also, the Jeffrey Court mosaic felt like a modern take on a classic scale and pattern. I felt like the perfect fit for our home.


Tile X Design: Did you feel supported by Tile X Design?

Katie: Absolutely. I received material information and pricing immediately, and the team was always willing to help when I had to order grout 3 times!


Title X Design: Did our team offer insights and help you achieve the final renovation you desired? 

Katie: Yes. I received recommendations and guidance that influenced my final choices for the better.


Title X Design: What advice would you give others starting a renovation? 

Katie: Be patient. Don’t rush decisions and consult/hire experts in the field. Although my husband and I did much of the labor for our project, necessary code and coordination are needed. All of which takes time and careful consideration. Also, during a renovation is the perfect time to upgrade mechanical and thermal comfort in your space. For example, we foam-insulated all of the bathroom exterior walls, which made a significant difference in our older home. 


Title X Design: Would you recommend working with Tile X Design?

Katie: 100% I would recommend Tile X Design to others. A lot more tile is needed in my house as well, so I’ll be back!


About Katie Pope

Katie started with a non-traditional education by attending a trade school for Architectural drafting and The Art Institute for Interior Design. Following 8 years of work experience, she became eligible to take the Architecture Registration and Interior Design exams. The added years of on-the-job experience played a pivotal role in her career and the relationships she has built. 

When she’s not working in commercial architecture and interior design, she’s spending time with her family or tackling a new DIY project with her husband. You can see all their home renovation adventures by following them on Instagram

We loved working with Katie on her French Normandy bathroom floor tile design. And we look forward to helping her in the future!

Final bathroom floor tile design in French Normandy style bathroom.

Ready for Your DIY Tile Project?

Upgrading your bathroom floor tile with new designs and patterns is a smart investment that can offer several benefits:

  • It can instantly enhance your bathroom’s overall look and feel, giving it a fresh and modern appearance.
  • New tile designs can increase the value of your property. Therefore, it’s a worthwhile investment for homeowners looking to sell their homes in the future.
  • Many bathroom floor tiles are durable and long-lasting, so you won’t have to worry about frequent repairs or replacements.
  • Depending on the brands you choose, floor tiles can be easy to clean and maintain, making them a practical choice for busy households.
  • New tile designs offer a wide range of design options, allowing you to choose from various colors, patterns, and styles that can complement your bathroom’s existing decor.

Whether you’re dreaming of a French-inspired bathroom design like Katie, or you want to create a Scandinavian spa like Tim and Amy Eian, or anything else in between, we can help! 

Visit our showroom to see our collections during regular business hours, or schedule an appointment to meet with one of our design experts during regular business hours. 

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