Mudrooms, Laundries, Entryways; Powder Rooms, Kids Baths, Master Bathrooms; Kitchens, Backsplashes, Range Pictures; Fireplaces, Facades, and Feature Walls… The options are endless and the applications are too. Find all your Residential needs in this category.

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An office entrance with mismatched flooring for aesthetic

Allure by Italgraniti

Attitude by Leonardo

BioSelect by Lea

Carriere by Kronos

Cementine Open Air by Fioranese

CH5 Modern Mixer by Jeffrey Court

Grey wall and floor tiling that looks like concrete

CMine by Leonardo

Concrete by Fioranese

Concreto by Lea

Cosmo by 41zero42

Factory by Leonardo

Factory by Leonardo

Frammenta by Fioranese

Granum by Fioranese

Heritage by Fioranese

Huron by American Glass Mosaics

Les Bois by Kronos

Limestone by Tuscania

Metaline by Italgraniti

Newood by Casalgrande

Nordic Stone by Italgraniti

Pietre di Paragone by Casalgrande

Pool by Jeffrey Court

Contrasting black, gray, and white tiles make a bright room POP

Shale by Italgraniti

Silvergrain by Italgraniti

Stock Collection by Bison Brick

Superior by American Glass Mosaics

Terre by Italgraniti

Venice by Nova Bell

Waterfall by Lea

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