Soft hues and textures to create warm welcoming spaces.

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A top down view of pale white stone tiles flooring a kitchen

65Parallelo by Leonardo

Ceramic flooring with accent lines for design

Afromosia by Coem

An office entrance with mismatched flooring for aesthetic

Allure by Italgraniti

Alnus by Italgraniti

Alnus by Italgraniti

Anthology by Lea

Ardesia Mix by Coem

Aspen by Landmark

BioSelect by Lea

Carriere by Kronos

Ceramic hexagon tile for backsplash.

CH2 Vintage Studio by Jeffrey Court

Charm Experience by Italgraniti

Chelsea by Settecento

White hexagonal kitchen tile backsplash

Chroma by Settecento

Clorofilla by Fioranese

Concreto by Lea

Crayons by Settecento

Cromia26 by Quintessenza

Dresscode by Settecento

Dresscode by Settecento

Elevenuance by Tonalite

Essential by Fioranese

Essential by Fioranese

Exanuance by Tonalite

Fes by Colli

Frake by Italgraniti

Tile professional comparing different shades and materials of tile for project.

Genesi by Quintessenza

Geomat by Tonalite

Gesso by Imola

Gouache by Portobello

Grace by Landmark

Granum by Fioranese

Hamptons by Settecento

Hexa by Terratinta

Hub by Mirage

Icona by Imola

Journey by Landmark

Kuni by Imola

Legnetti by Quintessenza

Les Bois by Kronos

Limestone by Tuscania

Lingotti by Tonalite

Liquida by Fioranese

Lumina by Fap

Lumina Stone by Fap

Macro by Casalgrande

Marble Experience by Italgraniti

Marea by Quintessenza

Marmoker by Casalgrande

Marmosmart by Casalgrande

Mea Lapis by Coem

Minima 8.6 by Quintessenza

New York Brick by Rondine

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