From worn edges to textures of industrial tooling, aggregate styles to contemporary patterns and soft minimalist surfaces, Concrete looks aren’t just for commercial spaces anymore. Whether your style is cottage or luxury-maximalism, concrete-effect tiles are a wonderful addition to any design aesthetic.




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Biscuit by 41zero42

Ceramica Fioranese tile collection.

Biscuit by Fioranese

Cementine Boho by Fioranese

Cementine Cocci by Fioranese

Cementine Evo by Fioranese

Cementine Open Air by Fioranese

Cementine Shiny by Fioranese

Cementine20 by Fioranese

CH5 Modern Mixer by Jeffrey Court

Clorofilla by Fioranese

Color Market by Portobello

Cosmo by 41zero42

Dash by Nemo

Elevenuance by Tonalite

Endless by Leonardo

Endless by Leonardo

Exanuance by Tonalite

Fragments by Piemme

Futura by 41zero42

Genesi by Sartoria

Ghiaia by Fioranese

Ghiaia Slabs by Fioranese

Grained by Terratinta

Homey by Piemme

La Terrazza by Sonoma Tilemakers

Liquida by Fioranese

Logica by Quintessenza

Marea by Quintessenza

Marmorea Intensa by Fioranese

Minima 8.6 by Quintessenza

Modulo by Quintessenza

Nuance by Tonalite

Oltre by Quintessenza

One by 41zero42

Overclay by Marca Corona

Passepartout by Fioranese

Pigmenti by Lea

R-Evolution by Casalgrande

Reef by Nemo

Regoli by Marca Corona

Schegge by Fioranese

Sister Parish by Country Floors

Spec09 by Jeffrey Court

Terrazzo by Casalgrande

Terre by Italgraniti

Trapez by Tonalite

Venetian Marble by Piemme

Vibes by Sartoria

Vision Color by Landmark

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