Undulating surfaces or dimensional features, rough edges, or textured surfaces are things that come to mind when we’re talking Artisan-Look Tile, but this robust tile category goes so much further! From seashells to the quintessential 3×12″ subway, add some character to your space at a fraction of the cost of authentic handmade tile.




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Ceramic flooring with accent lines for design

Afromosia by Coem

Aquarel by Tonalite

Aster by Nemo

Aziza by Nemo

Bloom by Cinca

Brick World by Landmark

Brickworks by Casalgrande

Bristol Brick by Rondine

Carriere by Kronos

Casablanca 2.0 by Nemo

Casablanca by Nemo

Cementine Boho by Fioranese

Cementine Cocci by Fioranese

Cementine Evo by Fioranese

Cementine Open Air by Fioranese

Cementine Shiny by Fioranese

Cementine20 by Fioranese

CementineB&W by Fioranese

CH8 Europa Arte by Jeffrey Court

Clorofilla by Fioranese

Clorofilla Slabs by Fioranese

Cosmo by 41zero42

Crackle by Cinca

Crea-La by LaFaenza

Deco World by Landmark

Deco XL by Landmark

Fargblock by Quintessenza

Flourish by Artaic

Foundation by Artaic

Frontier20 by Landmark

Fusion by Nova Bell

Futura by 41zero42

Genesi by Sartoria

Geomat by Tonalite

Ghiaia by Fioranese

Ghiaia Slabs by Fioranese

Glazed Porcelain by Artaic

Heritage by Fioranese

Hexa by Terratinta

Home by Self Style

Homey by Piemme

White hexagonal kitchen tile backsplash

Karma by Settecento

Lagos by Coem

Lasting Rugs by Artaic

Liquida by Fioranese

Lux Experience by Italgraniti

Marmoker by Casalgrande

Marmorea by Fioranese

Matiere by Settecento

Metro by Cinca

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